Vintage Lingerie: Ways to Wear a Bed Jacket for Day

by Sammy in 10 Comments — Updated February 18, 2020

1980s vintage bed jacket

Vintage lingerie is pretty and sweet for the bedroom, but not considered a staple piece of the modern girl’s contemporary wardrobe.

But considering the luxe materials and unique embellishments normally found on vintage lingerie, it’s too bad that wearing pieces like bustiers, bed jackets and slip dresses aren’t trendy for day.

That’s why I asked Brande of Victory Vintage Boutique to show us how she’d wear a vintage bed jacket to illustrate just how versatile a piece of vintage lingerie can be.

I believe that when we style vintage, we don’t always have to follow mainstream fashion rules to take advantage of its style potential. Despite its original purpose, every piece of vintage can be styled for modern day fashion function — vintage bed jackets included!

Keep reading after the jump to see how Brande styled an ’80s vintage bed jacket not only for bedtime bliss, but for party, glam and casual looks!

Brande is an inspiration in the vintage fashion industry and shares her style through the Victory Vintage Boutique blog, Facebook page and on Twitter. Please say hi and let her know which of the looks below was your favorite!

Do you own vintage lingerie that you’ve worn when the sun is shining? Let me know in the comments below the post!

xx, SD

Vintage Lingerie Worn for Day

Before checking out Brande’s looks below, watch her video for a few quick personal tips on how to wear vintage lingerie for day!

Bed Jacket Styled for a Party

1980s vintage bed jacket styled into party look

1980s vintage bed jacket styled party look

1980s vintage bed jacket styled party look

Outfit: Custom Bustier & Petticoat Crinoline  Victory Vintage Design Studio

VICTORY VINTAGE says: This look is to celebrate the spunky side of being a girl! It’s your birthday? This is your outfit!

Wear the bed jacket under an embellished bustier and with a fluffy vintage pettiskirt! I made the jacket perfect for a party by styling it as a shirt worn under the bustier. The bed jacket and bustier together reminds me of a jelly bean, which is a color family I just can’t enough of for spring!

SAMMY DAVIS says: My jaw dropped when I first saw these pictures! Brande wears crinoline exactly like the modern girl should for 2012 style that’s fun, fresh and worn for a celebratory occasion!

To make less of a statement at the party, I’d swap out of the crinoline pettiskirt for a hip-hugging pencil skirt. You’ll feel pretty and pin-up without worry that your outfit won’t fit through the doorway!

Bed Jacket Styled for Glamour

1980s bed jacket styled with slip dress

1980s bed jacket styled with slip dress

1980s bed jacket styled with slip dress

Outfit: Dress – Layered Vintage Slips / Hat – Vintage / Accessories –Vintage

VICTORY VINTAGE says: This look is one of my favorite ways to wear the bed jacket, by transforming it into a cardigan.

I styled this look with a vintage slip dress and belted the bed jacket as a cardigan. With its beautiful ruffled chiffon and lace details, the jacket really steals the show!

The slip dress is actual layered vintage nylon slips, since wearing just one slip can be too sheer. To duplicate the look,  choose a slip dress in the same color family as the bed jacket to avoid creating color contrast. Then have fun adding additional vintage touches for this oh-so-gorgeous glamorous look!

SAMMY DAVIS says: Brande, thank you so much for that tip about layering slip dresses! Belting the bed jacket over a sheer number below truly captures the romantic essence of this piece.

This look screams cocktail party style, because thanks to your outfit you’ll have great conversation to connect with strangers when they ask how you created such a fabulous vintage look!

Bed Jacket Styled for Casual Day

1980s bed jacket styled casual

1980s bed jacket styled casual

1980s bed jacket styled casual

Outfit: Denim – Red Bustier Victory Vintage Design Studio / Cluch – Vintage

VICTORY VINTAGE says: I’m wearing the bed jacket as a sweet cardigan over an embellished bustier for a casual look. I’ve got just a bit of sexy peeking thru the jacket to create a pretty but modest look that goes great with my favorite pair of jeans.

I like this look for dinner and a movie with my hubby, but without feeling too casual. The bed jacket’s unique ruffles makes me feel pulled together without having to dress up!

SAMMY DAVIS says: The bed jacket’s blush color makes it a perfect piece with light denim, and the pop of red from Brande’s bustier below is a  nice touch to complete the look.

This bed jacket is particularly versatile because it has buttons. For a bed jacket that ties at the neck, you could wear a fitted red tank beneath for the same effect without showing as much skin.

 Bed Jacket Styled for Sexy Sleepwear

1980s bed jacket styled for sleepwear

1980s bed jacket styled for sleepwear

Outfit: Slip dress – Vintage

VICTORY VINTAGE says: For my fourth and final look, I’m wearing the bed jacket to show its original style intention.  The classic use for a bed jacket is to wear over a sleeveless garment for an extra layer of warmth and modesty for bed.

The jacket’s satin feel is so silky against the skin and looks so feminine paired with a  nylon or chiffon nightgowns in a light shade. For this look I complimented my pairings by mixing pastel hues for a soft but still sexy feel.

SAMMY DAVIS says: Ah, the bed jacket worn with its original intention in mind! I’m such the shorts and T-shirt to bed kind of girl, but this look inspires me to think creatively next time I dress for sweet dreams.

For stylish slumber, this is a chic and modern way to incorporate vintage into all hours of your day!


Vintage Lingerie: Ways to Wear a Bed Jacket for Day 2

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About the Contributor

Brande Wilkerson is an Austin, Arkansas-based online vintage seller, designer, stylist and mother of 2 girls, Heidi & Faith.

She’s sold handpicked vintage pieces in her Ebay store Victory Vintage Boutique for 11 years, and recently launched the Victory Vintage Design Studio on Etsy where you can find vintage wedding gowns and cocktail dresses repurposed into fun and fabulous couture pieces.

Say hi to Brande on her blogFacebook and Twitter and check out other great vintage pieces in the Victory Vintage online boutique!

All photos were shot & styled by Victory Vintage Boutique


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  1. Lovely post and I adore this underwear as outwear concept! xx

    • LOL Anne! It was Madonna’s way for a bit in the ’80s thanks to Jean Paul Gaultier, no? xx

  2. NoT a easy look to pull off! She did s pretty good job.

    My favorite look is number 2. Love the hat! Would probably wer a neutral or understated metallic shoe..

    • I like the idea of metallic with the blush/brown! Adds a zing!

  3. Sorry for all the typos…lol darn autocorrect!

  4. So,no one noticed my blue hands in the jeans style shot? Whew…LOL…yay! I had them in dyeing vats all day but still wanted to take these shots for you! This post was so much fun Sammikins! Thank you again for the opportunity to take part in this challenge and I hope to see many more exploring the versatile looks that vintage lingerie has to offer for today. <3

    • I didn’t notice! At all! I saw your blue toenails though and was totally inspired to get some blue polish for my vacation next week ;-)

      • Haha..I love the blue for tootsies! Well I’m glad the dyeing hands didn’t freak anyone out ;-)

        • In 2025 colored HANDS instead of NAILS will be a trend and we can say you started it all, Mrs Victory Vintage! ;-)

  5. I really enjoy reading everything you have posted here. I grew up with poodle skirts and the beatnik/hippy style. It’s fun to see how some of those styles are reinvented now. It’s amazing how far we have come since the days of bullet bras, girdles and such. All of the fashion “rules” have changed so much since I was young!


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