1 Week’s Worth of Vintage Outfit Ideas

by Bonnie in , , Comment — Updated December 12, 2023

1 Week's Worth of Vintage Outfit Ideas 17

Are you in a rut when it comes to your vintage outfits? Maybe you open the closet, stare in at the sweaters, pants, skirts and pants, and feel totally uninspired about a fun outfit to put together. We’re here to help! Here are seven vintage outfit ideas — one for each day of the week!

Sunday: Button-down and Maxi Skirt

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Pair a button-up top with a maxi skirt for an unexpected combo that’s sure to turn heads. You could go with two different plaid patterns, or a light top with a contrasting, dark skirt. This would be the perfect outfit for brunch with girlfriends, or visiting the local art museum, don’t you agree? 

Monday: White Tee and Colorful Pants

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Flip the script on Mondays… instead of the Monday Blues, we want you to have the Monday Joys! Monday is the perfect day to wear a playful, colorful pair of pants. Top off the look with a white tee, because those pants speak for themselves! 

Tuesday: Overalls, Baby! 

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Do you own a pair of overalls? If not, go grab a pair at your local thrift shop! The great thing about overalls is that it’s easy to find a pair that fits, because the waist/butt do not need to hug your curves. Instead, a baggy, loose fit is perfect. You can always roll up the bottom cuffs for a super relaxed look. 

Wednesday: Crazy for Kimonos

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Pop a kimono over your jeans and tee for an immediate vintage style upgrade! As an added bonus, a kimono can give you a bit of warmth on a windy day, or protection from the sun. Feel free and some piece of jewelry and complete the look.

Thursday: Rock Your 80s Blazer

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Source: floramariastyle.com

It’s blazer day, baby! This Thursday, grab your favorite 80s blazer out of the back of the closet, and wear it along with a cropped tee and a pair of shorts for a unique look. Don’t be afraid to play up your fearless fashionista vibes by throwing a pair of boots into the mix!

Friday: Casual Tee and Trendy Jeans

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Casual Friday, anyone? Friday’s a day for being laid back, and welcoming the coming weekend. You’ve had a long week, and you deserve to relax! Wear your softest, most worn-out and awesome vintage tee along with a pair of trendy jeans. This hip, chic look will help you sail right into the weekend with style. 

Saturday: Sweet and Flirty in a Dress and Heels

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If you’re one of those people who has several dresses on hand, but ‘nowhere to wear them’…. STOP! Just stop saying that. It’s not true. Everyday is a day to celebrate. This Saturday, dust off a pretty dress (or wash and iron it!) and wear it out — even if it’s just to the grocery store or a kid’s soccer practice. You deserve to feel beautiful!

Now that you have a week’s worth of vintage outfit ideas, it’s up to you to put them to work! Go check out your closet. Do you have a maxi skirt on hand? Colorful pants? Overalls? A blazer? These are staples for the vintage lover’s closet, so if you’re missing an item or two you now have the perfect excuse to go shopping. Does it get any better than that? Leave a comment below and let us know which items — if any — on this list you’re missing! 

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