VIDEO: In the Mood for Vintage Party Dresses!

by Sammy in Comment — Updated February 16, 2020

VIDEO: In the Mood for Vintage Party Dresses! 2

Hello and happy Tuesday vintage lovers!!!

It’s been a HOT SECOND since I released a video sharing vintage fashion love on the YouTube channel.

Thanks to my new mantra of “busy but blessed,” it’s been a whirlwind fall and November flew by faster than you can say I LOVE VINTAGE three times fast! (try it sometime — super fun!)

So not only is today a special day because I’m (finally!) breaking this video dry spell, it’s also a special one because this particular video is BRAND NEW.

What does that mean? It means I brainstormed a fresh way of spreading vintage love to also (hopefully) inspire you with a serviceable action, too. Which is why today’s video is all about the creation of what we call “mood boards” in the vintage boutique I manage, A Little Wicked.

My intention in creating this video was not only to entertain you with the how & the why behind the creation of mood boards, but to inspire you to potentially make your own, too!

Keep reading after the jump to see the NEW VIDEO, plus to learn how YOU can make a mood board all your own for whatever inspiration you feel moved to make!

Thank you to all of my YouTube family for STICKING AROUND despite my mini leave of absence! I hope that we were able to connect in some other way while the channel was silent.

I’m always vocalizing vintage news & views loud and clear on Twitter & Facebook — and if you feel like it, shout me a hello over email!

Long live video and have a beautiful day, everyone!

xx, SD

p.s. Want to make your OWN mood board? I’m getting DIY inspiration from blogger My Growing Home, who gives an amazing step-by-step tutorial using inexpensive Homasote board, which is technically sold as sound barrier material. Or for vintage lovers: MOOD BOARD MATERIALS!


Wanna see an up-close-and-personal view of the final mood board? CLICK HERE!



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  1. Sammy- Love the Pendleton skirt! This vintage outfit is so classy and stylish. Perfect for the season.


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