5 Reasons Why I’m Silly for Vintage Sequins

by Sammy in , 2 Comments — Updated October 17, 2019

silly for sequins

Want to know why I’m so silly for sequins? Well, for starters, I believe that sequins are a girls’ real best friend.

Why? Because no matter your shape, size, aesthetic or age, sequins are a guaranteed fashion win to impress with your dress. You can be 80 years old wearing sequins like you’re 18 again, or plus-size wearing sequins like a hot mama with a little junk in her trunk. Sequins don’t discriminate and if anything, prefer to be seen on a woman who screams “This is me, I accept myself for my imperfect perfections!”

Sequins have no “schedule.” I vouch for sequins morning, noon or night because depending on the garment’s style, a sequin look can be funky and fun for day or fashionable and feminine for night. The sequin is a versatile vixen that can’t be pigeon-holed into one definitive look.

Every woman loves sequins because they make her feel like a star. Just ask Cher, the ladies of Vegas and just about any dancer with a career on Broadway!

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1.) Stand Out in Unique Style


1.) The sun, moon and the stars are at your fingertips … and on your sequin jacket!

2.) Welcome to a sequin girl in a material world. This 1980s vintage top does ’20s Art Deco in a modern, graffiti and urban inspired way.

2.) Let Your Sequin Light Shine


I believe that you can fly in a gold sequin oversize blazer!

Pop this diva darling on over your skinny jeans with heels and you’ve got yourself a standout vintage look that fashionably flies.

3.) Collect and Keep for a Lifetime


I’m not a Dolphins fan (or a football follower) but when I saw this Miami Dolphins football sequin jersey for sale on eBay, I just had to scoop these sequins up!

Look for future posts on Instagram from me wearing my fashionable football wear. This is a piece I’m keeping for life, and perhaps the most exciting addition to my vintage sequins collection yet.


4.) Put on an Instant Party 


The sequin trophy dress that has everyone asking when you wear it, “Where da party at?”  

5.) Wear Them Like the Wonder Woman You Are! 


Every woman deserves to feel like WONDER WOMAN. She wore her sequin bustier so well, and heck, that woman could fly!

Be a sequin sister of your own and rock out in the shine that makes you feel your best.

Because in the words of Alicia Keys, “This girl is on FIRE!”


 My eBay Collections were curated as part of my collaboration with eBay and Style Coalition #FOLLOWITFINDIT

<< Follow my vintage sequin collection on eBay here >> 

<< Follow my collections on eBay here >>


2 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why I’m Silly for Vintage Sequins”

  1. Sammy after reading this entry I’m on the sequin hunt. I always thought sequin were for evening wear only…I love the glamness of sequin. Thanks for giving me the sequin urge.



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