Black on Grey …. and No Red in Sight

by Sammy in Comment — Updated March 7, 2020

You know those pieces of clothing in your wardrobe that you just abhor one moment, and then a few weeks/months/maybe even years later, you absolutely love?

These pants are a shining example of all of the above.

The story? I wanted to dress comfy. The true story? I didn’t want to wear sweatpants.

Sammy D loathes sweatpants. [but yes, sometimes I wear them]

Either way, after scouring my collection for anything 90s related for the Fresh Prince of New York party/fundraiser I’m styling this Sunday evening [promotional tout: GET YOUR TICKETS HERE!!], I remembered that I had these wool, late 80s/early 90s gems from the closet of Mama D.

And because the snowpocalypse had hit the previous week and I still needed to wear the loathed galoshes that have proven SO useful to me over the past few weeks … well, the rest of the story is history. True history, might I add.

Read on for the Cliff Notes.

Editor’s note: This is a late post. I was in Philadelphia working for #roadtrip2010 project [Sammy D TV video update coming soon on all of that]. And because of the site relaunch [do you like it?!?!] I have been faarrrr behind. Official site relaunch annoucement/holler/shout-out coming to an email inbox near you. Thanks for reading ;-) xx, SD
sammy davis vintage

THE LOOK: Black on Grey … and No Red in Sight

Marshal’s find, circa 2008

Leather silver bracelet, Camden Market, London, England 2006; the black/white bracelet, source/year unknown

EARRINGS: Sammy Davis Vintage

THE PANTS: Wool, comfy & fabulous … compliments of Mama D Vintage, circa late 80s-early 90s

THE GALOSHES: Marshals find, I still hate ’em, but they’ve proven handy … circa 2008

sammy davis vintage

sammy davis vintage

sammy davis vintagesammy davis vintage

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