Which Vintage Piece Did This Vintage Newbie Buy?

by Sammy in 3 Comments — Updated April 10, 2020

Hello and happy Thursday, vintage lovers!!!

I’m REALLY pumped to share this new video with you today because I get the chance to illustrate how even a vintage newbie can fall in love with one-of-a-kind pieces and see the beauty & benefits that is spreading vintage love!

Meet Audrey of the blog Sugar ‘n Thunder — a vintage “virgin” who got her first taste of what it’s like to shop and be styled in vintage at A Little Wicked, where I’m currently working in New York City’s Lower East Side.

Audrey was hesitant to try on a few of the pieces I suggested her — like the darling velvet red mini dress you’ll see me suggest about a minute in! — but she kept an open mind and heart and in the end, chose a piece that was perfect for her style personality.

You’ll see how she became a “vintage convert,” and is excited to make vintage fashion a part of her contemporary closet!

After watching the vintage styling video above, keep reading after the jump to a.) see which piece Audrey ultimately chose to purchase and give a happy home in her closet, and b.) to vote for which piece YOU liked BEST on her!

I love my job as a vintage seller because it gives me the chance to personally connect with amazing women and while suggesting pieces to elevate their style, hopefully also inspiring greater confidence within.

No matter the vintage we buy, wear or sell … the best fashion accessory is always self confidence! (leave a comment below today’s post if you agree!!)

Audrey left A Little Wicked even cooler and more confident than when she entered — which is saying A LOT! I’ve been inspired by Audrey’s artistic musings on Twitter & Facebook especially. Definitely drop her a “hello” if you get the chance!

Thanks so much for watching today’s video and as always, let me know if you’ve got a vintage/thrift question or if you’re in NYC and want to shop vintage together.

A few vintage lovers have dropped me messages recently about upcoming visits to the city. It makes me smile knowing you trust me to help you find the best places to shop and enjoy your time while in the City That Never Sleeps (and loves vintage!)

Tweet, Facebook or email me! I’ve got your vintage lovin’ back!

xx, SD


Which Vintage Piece Should Audrey Have Bought?
Polka Dot Dress
Shimmer Dress
Black and White Diamond Sweater
None of the Above
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audrey vintage a little wicked

The Shimmer Dress!



vintage clothing A Little Wicked

The Polka Dot Dress!


vintage clothing a little wicked

The Black & White Diamond Sweater!

3 thoughts on “Which Vintage Piece Did This Vintage Newbie Buy?”

  1. You have good info in general, so I have a question… I inherited a lot of vintage pieces (YSL, De La Renta, Dior, etc.)from my Glammy Grammy who sported her best fashions in the 60s’. Some of the pieces don’t have labels and I think they might be valuable in addition to looking great. Do you identify vintage pieces by sight for consideration in one of your upcoming blogs?

    • Hey Vintage Vixen! Um …. what an amazing collection to inherit! I’m sorry, however, as it sounds like she may have passed away? ;-( Anyway, in my personal opinion the value of vintage is based on what the buyer will pay for it. So, it could be a bonafide made by Christian Dior himself piece but if the buyer doesn’t like the style, the “value” of the garment goes down …. despite collector’s worth. But to a collector, then yes that CD piece is worth a pretty penny. Then there is “vintage” that is simply a 100 percent cotton Bruce Springsteen concert tee, all sweaty and worn who knows where, but the nostalgia is so worth it that people spend $200+ on them. Personally, I go by style. I will pay more for something I LOVE. Are you planning on selling some of the pieces you inherited?

  2. I have 8 black bags of quality Vintage clothing, now what? (my 96 year old mom just passed away)


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