7 Vintage Wedding Invitations

by Nicole in , 2 Comments — Updated April 6, 2020

You’re getting married! This is possibly the biggest and most important event you will ever put on, and you’ll need the perfect invites to get the word out to friends and family about your big day. You can certainly email your wedding invites. If you plan to be more traditional, it won’t take you long before you come across hundreds of vintage wedding invitations.  I wanted to put a select few that I love. They come with matching save the dates, vintage bridal shower invites, thank yous and a personalized guest book, from Basic Invite. Who by the way have everything you need for a vintage themed wedding.7 Vintage Wedding Invitations 23

We wanted to take some time to show you a few of our favorite vintage wedding invitations.

7 Vintage Wedding Invitations 25

Antique Elegance

The name says it all. The Antique Elegance wedding invitation has a 1920’s flair with its black formal text on simple white. This invite will be sure to draw a crowd to your classy wedding.

7 Vintage Wedding Invitations 27

Vintage Blooms

This wedding invite is perfectly gorgeous! The delicate flowers overlaid upon a dark background frame the pretty text and give the right amount of alluring touch without being too much. Vintage Blooms is a wonderful choice for any bride-to-be.

7 Vintage Wedding Invitations 29

Vintage Botanical

The Vintage Botanical wedding invitation is a unique choice, but one that we love nonetheless. It almost has a look of a favorite classic book. What better way to begin the story of your new life with the one you love?

7 Vintage Wedding Invitations 31

Illustrated Rose Foil Portrait

This wedding invitation is one of our favorites. The Illustrated Rose Foil Portrait has a real foil rose blooming at the top, and the soft script plays tastefully off of it. An elegant choice for an elegant bride.

7 Vintage Wedding Invitations 33

7 Vintage Wedding Invitations 35

Vintage Wreath

We really like the simplicity of this design. The Vintage Wreath wedding invite has a simple yet ornate wreath framing the equally straightforward yet pretty text inside.

7 Vintage Wedding Invitations 37

Delicate Laurel Foil

Here is another stunning foil option. The Delicate Laurel Foil wedding invite uses foil to elegantly surround the text with a laurel design as well as highlight the names and date of the wedding. Although offered at a slightly higher price, we think the addition of foil is worth it.

7 Vintage Wedding Invitations 39

Vintage Ticket

The Vintage Ticket design is a fun alternative to some of the fancier invites. It almost looks like a ticket to a Great Gatsby party or theater play. This unique design puts a spin on the traditional invite, yet manages to hold the charm needed for a formal wedding invite.

7 Vintage Wedding Invitations 41

So what did you think of these vintage wedding invitations? We truly believe that you should be able to find the perfect invites for your big day, and we think that Basic Invite has the variety and quality to make the pickiest bride satisfied. Don’t forget to order matching save the dates, vintage bridal shower invites, and a personalized guest book! We would love to hear your comments about our favorite choices and any favorite vintage wedding invites you have found. Feel free to share this article if you liked it!

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  1. These are such cute vintage invites! I love the the Rose foil invite! So classy and simple yet very tasteful!

  2. i love these wedding invitations! gives such a personal feel.


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