How To Create A Vintage Theme For Your Wedding

by Nicole in Comment — Updated August 26, 2023

Think of vintage weddings. If “timeless” is the first word that comes to your mind as your thoughts take a flight to a classic wedding that dates back to the elegance of 1930’s, you deserve to be a vintage-themed bride!

The classic wedding dress, the copper ring, the old-fashioned ornaments reflecting the original beauty of the bride – what’s not to love about the vintage era?

While incorporating the elements of the past, don’t assume serving your guests with antique-styled plates will transform your big day into a vintage wedding. From invitation cards to venue décor to the wedding dress, make sure everything related to your wedding follows the theme of the old days.

Wondering how to begin adding a touch of vintage to your wedding?

The following tricks are worth applying.

Get Details About The Dress From Your Granny

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Ask your granny about the details of what her wedding was like. We bet – she’d say her dress was full of lace, bows, and pearls!

Though it’s not possible to replicate the idea, you can still add a touch of vintage glam to your own wedding dress: go for customization. While ordering your dress, ask to lace it up to an extent that it gives an elegant yet stunning look.

Likewise, visit Azazie and choose the right gown for your bridesmaids.

Adapt A Dreamy Look By Wearing A Floral Crown

While you’re dolled up in a beautiful lace dress, let the crowd know the bride is “you.” A floral crown made from bohemian flowers is the perfect match to go with a vintage dress.

If you’re not sure how to mix-and-match the flowers that look great as a headband, it’s safe to play with your favorite colors. To make it flawless, blend orange ranunculus with eucalyptus leaves and purple flowers.

Fill The Venue With Vintage Décor

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Though there is no hard-and-fast rule to make it look like an old-tale wedding, it’s all about adding minute details to the event. Once you’re done with adding your favorite honeymoon destinations and activities to zero-fee honeymoon registry, it’s time to plan how you want to decorate the wedding venue.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Install old-fashioned lanterns: Surrounded by roses and hydrangeas, hang white lanterns throughout the venue. Instead of placing chandeliers above the tables, lanterns will complete the look of old times.
  • Place two classic pillars in the entrance: Give guests the impression of a vintage wedding right from the entrance. This will look fabulous if you’ve chosen a beautiful barn for your wedding. If you’ve ordered flowers in bulk, place a huge bunch of flowers on the pillars and see how enchanting it looks.
  • Let the table cover talk: Nothing reflects the vintage lifestyle than silk. Use it as the fabric for your tablecloth.
  • Get a bird cage: Instead of placing invitation cards on the top of any table, bring a bird cage to serve the same purpose.
  • Repurpose the table runners: Write marriage quotes on large table runners and hang them on the walls of the venue.

Give Special Attention To Flower Decoration

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It’s no surprise that a wedding looks incomplete without fresh flowers. But was it the same rule in the late 1940s?

Interestingly, no!

In fact, dried or wilted flowers were the ones that reflected pure emotions. To implement this vintage idea, work with your florist to get one-day old flowers.

However, if fresh flowers have always been your thing, use these in preparing your bouquet. Since all eyes will be set on the bride’s bouquet, it needs to be transformed into a vintage look.

Flower bouquets made of fabric and embellished with antique brooches and pearls will surely fit the theme.

Add more detail to the bouquet by adding a piece of golden heirloom jewelry to it.

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