Retro Winter Style: How to Stay Warm with Fun Fashion for Cold Weather

by Sammy in 2 Comments — Updated January 28, 2020

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Baby … it’s COLD OUTSIDE!

OK, so you’ve heard it [not to mention felt it] enough already: If you’re pretty much anywhere in the United States or Canada right now — with the exception of some very lucky people in California and in our great country’s most southern parts — you’re enduring the rougher elements of Mother Nature this week. Snow, ice, sleet, freezing rain, slush, gush … gee-golly-it’s-all-too-MUCH!

With weather like this, it’s easy to become a recluse and hibernate indoors with a cup of hot tea and candles beside us. Along with that tea and those candles, if you’re reading this blog post right now you are also perusing the great World Wide Web for whatever digital warmth you can find.

Still, we all have to emerge from our lairs at some point — and if you’re anything like me, you want to emerge with a fun and fancy-free attitude determined to turn Mother Nature’s winter wrath into a winter wonderland — complete with amazing vintage winter fashion finds, from sunshine yellow wool knit scarves to bright pink leg warmers. Who said winter clothing — especially the vintage kind — had to be as drab as dirt-stained snow?

In an attempt to lift all of our spirits from this winter drudgery today, I combined some of my latest favorite Etsy vintage finds for Sammy Davis Vintage recommended cold weather looks that will brighten your day and hopefully, warm up this weather!GOOD NEWS: Mr. Buckeye Chuck — the Groundhog of Groundhog day himself!! — predicted an early onset of spring today!

Stay safe in your [insert crazy winter weather here!] today, everyone!

xx, SD


womens vintage 70s plaid coat and red mittens from etsy
’60s-’70s Red/Purple/Maroon Plaid Coat, $45, from Dana Daisys on Etsy

Bright Red Mittens, $24.50, from TotallyVintage on Etsy


womens vintage fur coat and vintage leather driving globes from etsy

60s/70s Fur/Leather Coat, $135, from That Girl Vintage Shop on Etsy

Sunday Driver Faux Alligator Gloves, $18, from The Bag Basement on Etsy


womens vintage skiing winter themed scarves from etsy

’60s Skiers Scarf, $16, from Somewhere In Time Scarf on Etsy

Canada Scarf, $14, from Archives Chicago on Etsy


womens vintage 80s hat and womens vintage crocheted vest from etsy

’70s/’80s Hood, $14, from Baptuma on Etsy

Multicolor Crotchet Boho Vest, $34, from Sunny Day Diggs on Etsy


womens vintage fur muffs and vintage ear muffs and vintage head muff from etsy

Angora Earmuffs, $28, from Zwzzy on Etsy

’80s Electric Blue Hand Muff, $45, from Bad Baby Vintage on Etsy

Fox Fur Headband, $48, from Zaama on Etsy


womens vintage leg warmers from etsy

Fuchsia Leg Warmers, $12, from Maeflower3333 on Etsy [and my hometown, Lancaster, PA!]

’70s Rollergirl Leg Warmers, $24, from Refinery Designs on Etsy


womens vintage eskimo boots from etsy

Faux Fur/Eskimo Designer Knee Boots, $75, from Pascal Vintage on Etsy

Norwegian Eskimo Ankle Boots, $55, from Stellah’s Groove on Etsy


womens vintage canary yellow scarf and rainbow hair clip from etsy

Sunshine Yellow Knitted Scarf, $18, from Street Cred Thread on Etsy

And for that extra burst of spring to come …

Heart & Rainbow Pin/Earrings Set, $8, from That Girl Vintage Shop on Etsy

2 thoughts on “Retro Winter Style: How to Stay Warm with Fun Fashion for Cold Weather”

  1. Love the warm and fuzzies! Wearing winter clothes helps us face the cold and enjoy the great outdoors. Also gives us a excuse to layer on more fabulous vintage clothes!

  2. I love wearing leg warmers in the winter! I design retro hats which are great for keeping warm, too. Thanks for your blog.


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