Part 2! Best Vintage & Thrift Videos on YouTube Fashion Channels

by Sammy in 3 Comments — Updated January 29, 2024

34 Tips to Thrift Store Shop Like a Pro! (Pass On to Newbies!)


Happy day numero tres of this lovely [but cold in NYC!] week of February. Yesterday I blogged about five of my favorite fashion vloggers on YouTube — giving them shout outs where shouting is deserved and selfishly, declaring to the universe what my “wish” meet-up with them would entail!

Regardless of whether a digital-to-in-person meet-up with them ever manifests itself, I know that the “WWW” that is the world wide web — and in particular, my participation as a fashion vlogger on YouTube — has connected me to some amazingly talented, inspiring, kind & truthful individuals. And for that, I am forever grateful!

In true Sammy D style, I couldn’t list just 5 of my favs — and I couldn’t do just one  post, either! — so I’m continuing yesterday’s very special shout outs with some equally special shout out spotlights on a 5 fashion vloggers today, too.  I’m really excited about sharing these YouTubers because they represent such varied elements of style and are from such interesting places in the world.

From AlphaMConsulting, who is a fashion & image consultant for men based in Atlanta to Miss DaisyNation, an Angelina Jolie lookalike with a penchant for makeup and hair from Wales. Whitney of Aglanceatmyworld is based out of Oklahoma and is only the SECOND person I’ve *ever* “met” from the state. Avery of averunks is out in the sunny California vlogging about the latest makeup products to the hit shelves and sharing her love of being real, relaxed and revitalized through beauty. Plus, a fellow Temple University alumna — Patrice from Looking Fly on a Dime — whom I only met THROUGH YouTube!

So here’s the real meaning of today’s post: Great connections can be made anywhere, whether from the comforts of your computer screen or out there in this crazy, slightly chaotic world of ours. The secret is to be mindful of who you surround yourself with so that you are continually able to radiate your highest potential self.

Today, evaluate who in “your life” you engage with who helps and motivates you to pursue your dreams and to feel fulfilled with NOW. Feel like someone is holding you back? Take that recognition and make a mindful decision to ignore whatever negativity they emit. You do not need to “eliminate” people from your life, but only “surround” yourself with those who are positive and loving of themselves and their relationship with YOU.

Keep reading after the jump for more insight on 5 positive people and YouTubers who encourage me day in and day out with the pursuit of their passions and willingness to share what they learn and know with the world!

I said it yesterday and I’ll say it again! Do you have a blog, twitter, site, Facebook, book, whatever! suggestion for Sammy Davis Vintage and the readers here? Fill me in!

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xx, SD

ALPHAMCONSULTING: *Thrift Store Couture … Male Fashion & Style*

WHO: Aaron is an image consultant on all things fashion/beauty/lifestyle for men. He lives and works out of Atlanta, and vlogs regularly to give his audience style insight wherever they are. To my knowledge, Aaron is the only male YouTuber with legitimate expertise as a working image consultant. Start to watch some of his videos — whether you are a gentlemen OR a lady — and you’ll soon be sucked in with slight southern twang, frequent laugh and no-BS-attitude on what we should all be doing to maintain the image we want to portray to the world.

WHAT I LEARNED: In “Thrift Store Couture,” I learned that for less than $20 in the Atlanta area, a man can thrift an entire “secondhand couture” outfit of upscale brands for men. Aaron walked away from two thrift stores — including one so comically named “America’s Thrift Store” — spending less than the price of an entree for an entire outfit. He didn’t thrift shoes however, joking that he won’t “wear someone else’s stinky shoes.”

REAL-LIFE HANG OUT WISH: I’d put Aaron’s image consultant skills to the test and challenge him to an episode of THRIFT WARS matching a male designer look straight from the runway … and make him thrift the shoes, too! After matching our look and enjoying some friendly competition along the way, I’d let go of my “real food diet” and we’d chow down on Atlanta cuisine [fried chicken, anyone?] with a micro brewed beer. Aaron would enlighten me to men’s fashion, and I’d enlighten him to women’s fashion. An appropriate exchange for two fashion-forward YouTube vloggers!

MORE CONNECTION: Find more deets on Aaron and what he does on his site, Alpha M Consulting.

AVERUNKS: *Thrift Store Persuasion 101*

WHO: Avery is a down-to-earth beauty product and makeup/hair tutorial vlogger living in sunny California. Her interest in beauty extends to include thrifting, too … which is how I found her and reached out to make connection. I love listening to her cool, calm and collected voice: inspiring me to [ahem] relax and articulate MY own words a little stronger and a little slower, too. I sent Avery some Sammy Davis Vintage pieces a few weeks ago, including a cherry-design shift dress from the ’70s and necklace I found when hunting through an estate sale in this vid.

WHAT I LEARNED: In “Thrift Store Persuasion 101,” I learned that the average lady DOESN’T understand why thrifting has great style benefits! Sure, everyone knows that you can save money buying clothes that are secondhand, but Avery relays to her audience how she finds a.) some of her best pieces thrifting and b.) trends and pieces inspired by celebrity fashion in a thrift store and c.) pieces that she literally “lives in.” That’s why this video is called “persuasion” — she’s sincerely explaining how thrifting can outweigh buying mainstream. Thanks for sharing your love of fashion as a thrift warrior with your audience, Avery!

REAL-LIFE HANG OUT WISH: Avery and I would grab a healthy juice at [from what I hear!] one of the many juice bars dotting the landscape of her west coast abode. Then we’d explore the trendiest parts of downtown San Francisco, all the while exchanging style tastes and deets on west coast vs. east coast style. I’d [hopefully] slow down my Yankee talk-as-fast-as-possible speech and gain some calming inspiration from Avery’s west coast cool. Since I know she’s vegetarian and I’m always aspiring to consume consciously, we’d grab some handy falafel to finish off our thrifting travels!

MORE CONNECTION: Check out her blog and follow her on Twitter!

DAISYNATION: *Classic Look w/ Winged Eyeliner*

WHO: I can’t help but call her “Miss Daisy,” — even though I know she is properly married and called for! — only because I feel that she radiates this elegant charm and mystique that calls for a ladylike precursor to her name. I was not surprisingly first drawn to Daisy because of her eerie resemblance to Angelina Jolie. Then, her English accent [she actually lives in Wales] drew me further in. She has a warm presence that instantly brings down any “barriers,” so I felt comfortable reaching out and sending her a hello from across the pond. Daisy recently enlightened me to some of the more popular thrift stores based in the UK which will be included in an upcoming post on shopping international vintage & thrift!

WHAT I LEARNED: Daisy is a YouTube beauty guru, so in “Classic Look,” she shows us how to properly achieve that very romantic, Hollywood-esque wing tip eye using black liquid eyeliner. Daisy promotes only the best products [she’s a fan of MAC] and what I love most about her tutorials is that she talks the entire way through. No awkward silences, no “freeze frames” on products or parts of the process. It’s almost as if you should be doing the tutorial with her right at that very moment!

REAL-LIFE HANG OUT WISH: After landing at Heathrow Airport in London, Daisy would venture into England for a weekend away of exploring London’s many flea markets with me, including Camden Market & Portobello Road in Notting Hill. We’d scour the markets for great thrift finds and then wear them out for a night on the town in the city’s most elegant bars and clubs. The ladies of London dress in vintage “looks” more often than the ladies of NYC — so we’d glam up ’40s style, and of course Daisy would be in charge of my hair and makeup and me in charge of her style!

MORE CONNECTION: Find Daisy on YouTube!

AGLANCEATMYWORLD: *Sewing Pattern Series: Vintage Cutting Layouts*

WHO: My relationship with Whitney is a lot like my relationship with Felicia from yesterday’s post. I first reached out to Whitney because of our many shared characteristics: She loves vintage, she’s a young 20-something like me, and we both majored in communications at our respective universities. With every message we send one another, Whitney and I often begin with, “So sorry for the delay …” although it will only have been 1 to 2 days since the message initially received! We’re YouTube “pen pals” for lack of better words, and I’ve enjoyed getting to know someone so similar — but with many differences! — who is inspiring and passionate about her own interests in sewing and clothing design.

WHAT I LEARNED: I’ve known it, but hadn’t truly recognized it … before the mass production of clothing in the 1980s [read: China] many women made their own clothing out of both a.) necessity b.) convenience and c.) enjoyment! “Simplicity” was a popular sewing pattern book brand that I’ve come across often in thrift and secondhand book stores. Whitney’s vintage sewing cutout video kicks off with some shots of these books. Note to self: Request an in-person vintage pattern sewing tutorial from Whitney when we [absolutely!] meet someday.

REAL-LIFE HANG OUT WISH: I’d road trip down to Oklahoma [without stopping at TOO many thrift stores, but it’d have to be a few at least!] for a serious sewing shakedown with Whitney. My two lessons of “sewing” have given me a base knowledge that I’d hand right over to Whitney and say, “Please, teach me expert!” As I continue to thrift such great pieces of beautiful fabric and design — but lacking a modern “structure” that stands stylish with today’s trends — a voice repeats in my head, “Learn how to repurpose this piece through sewing!” Whitney and I would shut ourselves off to the world, reworking vintage pieces and growing a friendship that I’ve loved seeing blossom through writing and which in person, would only grow stronger!

MORE CONNECTION: Fan Whitney’s Facebook page and check out her Etsy store for Oklahoma thrifted treasures. PLUS, she makes handmade goodies … buy ’em here!

LOOKINGFLYONADIME: *Thrift Store Treasures: $1 Cocktail Dress*

WHO: Patrice of Looking Fly on a Dime vlogs on all things saving money while still looking, feeling and BEING fabulous. She’s a fan of thrift stores, sales and bargain deals … but all ones that help you to exude confidence because you look like – forgive me for the cliche! – a million bucks. Patrice first introduced me to that little ‘ole bargain-hunters dream known as the Goodwill Outlet in Queens … and I’ve introduced her to some of MY favorite NY thrift stores, including the massive Goodwill in my Manhattan ‘hood!

WHAT I LEARNED: I thought that I knew how to thrift a bargain! Well, Patrice one ups just about everybody who calls themselves a “thrifter” with this fabulous purchase of a $1 cocktail dress. Heck, for $1, you can wear that cocktail dress and then use it as a throw rug for some extra sparkle and shine to your foyer! She is a true “frugalnista,” for lack of better words, because she doesn’t just buy to buy something cheap … she buys the best pieces for the least amount of money, inspiring us all to be conscious that there is “always a better deal” to be found with persistence and patience!

REAL-LIFE HANG OUT WISH: OK, so here’s the catch about our “real life hang out wish” … we’ve already done it! Upon finding Patrice on the YouTube, I learned through her vids that she was also a young 20-something NYer. I reached out to grab some coffee and what do you know? She lives only a few subway stops away! We met up, started chatting, and the connection blossomed: We both attended Temple University in Philadelphia, and we both worked in the magazine industry. Cha-ching! The universe brings people together for a reason! Oh and p.s. She is the next episode of THRIFT WARS!!!

MORE CONNECTION: Fan Patrice’s Facebook page and shout her a few tweets on Twitter!

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