9 Best Perfume Scents for the Bride

by Nicole in Comment — Updated April 4, 2023

Your wedding day is one of the most exciting and important days of your life. You spend thousands of dollars and many hours planning to create the perfect day. You pick out a dress that makes you feel like a queen and all the little details to create just the right atmosphere. But after the day is over and you feel like it was a whirlwind that you can barely remember, what is left?

9 Best Perfume Scents for the Bride

You’ll likely have photos and videos of the big day, but there is another way that you can help yourself remember those little moments that the photographer may have missed. Did you know that scent can help your memory? By choosing a signature scent for your wedding day, you can bring that special day to mind every time you wear that scent in the future. Here are some of the best scents for the bride:

Bright Crystal Perfume

Want a great summer scent? Bright Crystal perfume by Versace is a favorite. It has lotus, magnolia, and other light floral scents combined with a hint of musk and amber. This makes it a lovely blend that feels light and aromatic. Spritz just enough so that it’s not overpowering but you can smell just right on your wedding day. You can even find Bright Crystal on sale online for a more affordable price that won’t break your wedding budget.

9 Best Perfume Scents for the Bride

Beach by Bobbi Brown Perfume

Unlike many beach sprays, this one won’t leave you smelling like coconuts and pineapple. Bobbi Brown beach perfume is known for being a great unisex fragrance with delightful jasmine floral notes, citrusy mandarin, and a hint of sea spray. For the bride who wants a fragrance that smells like summertime, this one is an excellent choice.

Ralph Lauren Romance Rose

For the bride who loves fruity scents, Ralph Laurens’ Romance Rose is one to consider. The top notes include red apple, black currant, and litchi fruit smells. It’s balanced by Rose, Jasmine, and May Rose in the middle, with some musk and patchouli at the base. This well-rounded fragrance is a modern take on a traditional rose-scented perfume.9 Best Perfume Scents for the Bride

Chanel No. 5

Going vintage with your perfume means that you probably want to consider a good old Chanel No. 5. The cool thing about Chanel No. 5 is the way that it smells so different for each person. It has very complex floral and woody notes that mean that the wearer almost gets a customized scent because of the way that it interacts with the individual.9 Best Perfume Scents for the Bride

Tocca Florence

This scent is not known for being long-lasting, but it does offer a milder scent than some of the others on this list. If you want something subtle, light, and airy, then try some Tocca Florence perfume. You might notice the bergamot or the gardenia when you wear this one on your wedding day.

9 Best Perfume Scents for the Bride

Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue Perfume

If you love something fruity with lemons and apples, then Dolce and Gabbana’s Light Blue Perfume is an excellent choice. This delightful scent is like summer in a bottle, which makes it perfect for a spring or summer wedding. It also has a light floral and musky scent to it. The versatility of smells makes it good for not just your wedding, but it’s something you can wear any day.

Gucci Bloom Eau De Toilette

This is the perfect perfume for the bride who loves floral scents. Walk down the aisle smelling like a flower garden with a powerful blend of citrus and neroli. Gucci Bloom is a favorite for brides.9 Best Perfume Scents for the Bride

Vintage Evening in Paris (Soi de Paris)

If you can get a hold of this vintage formulation for your wedding day you will love the violet and apricot in the top notes. Formulated in the 1920’s this fragrant perfume also has middle hints of iris, rose, and lily of the valley. The fragrance is rounded out with some sandalwood, vanilla, and a little musk. It’s a great scent for any bride.

Chantilly Perfume

This perfume is known for being a romantic scent. While it includes jasmine and patchouli, brides also like the hints of rose damask when they wear this vintage scent. Your grandmother or great-grandmother may have worn this back in the 1940s when it was first formulated.


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