Groom’s Guide: Tips To Have You Looking Your Best On Your Wedding Day

by Nicole in Comment — Updated November 14, 2022

Why should brides have all the fun? Grooms also deserve to look the best on their wedding day. A wedding is not only a special day for the bride but the groom also wants to make this day the most special one. Though the “to-do” list for the grooms is not as extensive as the brides, still there are a few grooming steps that the groom must keep in mind and rock his look. Groom’s look is not only confined to his attire which includes the tuxedo, his hairstyle, nails, skin. Here in this article, we are going to discuss the tips that are going to help in acing your wedding look like a stud.Groom’s Guide: Tips To Have You Looking Your Best On Your Wedding Day


Some health-conscious individuals can hit the gyms and control their weight count and look healthy and fit on the big day. If you’re a busy professional that spends a lot of time on the computer then you can consider an under desk elliptical to keep you active. Along with exercise, maintaining a proper diet and eating healthy will ultimately add a glow to one’s skin and enhance your look.

Groom’s Guide: Tips To Have You Looking Your Best On Your Wedding Day 11

The Hair

One can always start by first planning how to go about the entire grooming stuff starting from hair and finishing off with the best of outfits and do the first things first. So first starting with the hair the individual should make sure he has the best of all. Hair grooming is important to men as it is for women and finding a professional well-experienced hairdresser is very important. Although the hair styling for men is not as complicated for the groom as it is for the bride as a bit of edging, trimming and cutting are sorted for. Frequent hair dresser visits are not only confined to the bride but it is frequent with the groom as well for makeup, eyebrows, hair treatments, hair spas, etc.Groom’s Guide: Tips To Have You Looking Your Best On Your Wedding Day 13

A groom’s beard also forms a special part of his grooming. Whether to keep it trimmed or clean – shaved or stubble all depends on the groom’s own choice which he thinks makes him smart and suits his attire. There is a huge variety of new hair and grooming products for men available in stores and online which one can avail but one should not fall prey to harmful and damaging products. If you need a perfect tight fade then you need fading clippers of good quality. There are various brands that sell fading clippers along with blades for accurate tapering. Professional timeless Andis Master along with five hair clippers for fades like Wahl 5 Star Senior, Oster Fast Feed, Wahl Legend, Andis Fade because of their design and durability assurance can be a great option. Refer to this link to learn more about it:

One should carefully go through the reviews and usage process and consult a specialist before going for any of those products as no one wants to ruin one’s special day and make it disastrous. The individual can also go for experimenting with his hair through new hair accessories, styles and hair color as a wedding is all about trying new stuff.Groom’s Guide: Tips To Have You Looking Your Best On Your Wedding Day 15

Breaking the myths

Next up on the list is the manicure and pedicure process. This may be seen as an awkward element in the list of to-do for the groom but nevertheless, it is one of the essentials. If one is of the view that these kinds of stuff are only for women then it is not true as the men have also started availing these options as an essential part of their grooming. You should get an appointment at your favorite salon to get their nails and toes done.

For having a glowing face

The next thing to consider is skin. They require adequate cleansing and timely washes. One should remember to keep yourself hydrated all the time and eat healthy to make the skin look glowing and radiant. Men’s skin is more rough and tough than women and it requires a little bit more attention and care.Groom’s Guide: Tips To Have You Looking Your Best On Your Wedding Day 17

Choosing the right attire

After this, the right choice of attire needs to be made. The individual may surf through various fashion sites, blogs online to get acquainted with the new trends in the fashion arena. As one needs and desires to keep pace with the changes around to keep the look trendy. The stylist should be well versed with all this stuff and make the groom get his best look for the wedding day. The groom can also personally hop around various stores to try out and select the outfits of one’s own choice. Starting from tuxedo to shoes to tie and your watch, all things should be perfect and well in tune with each other.Groom’s Guide: Tips To Have You Looking Your Best On Your Wedding Day 19

This coupled with proper trial sessions needs to be maintained to avoid any malfunctioning and blunder on the day of the wedding. And lastly, a positive attitude and smile are a must.

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