Good as Vintage Gold: 1950s Gold Sequin Dress for Magnum Ice Cream

June 19th, 2013
1950s vintage sequin dress

lipstick affirmations

Photography by Diane Dulgerian 

Every girl deserves to feel as glorious as gold. Whether we’re wearing it or not, we can always feel it by tapping into the golden glow of our inner beauty.

This is the inner light that shines no matter what. But of course, putting on a 1950s golden sequin dress from Sarara Vintage doesn’t hurt to help that inner gold burn brighter!

I loved pairing my vintage ’50s dress and ’70s cuffs with a golden lip, lid and bronze cheeks. Heres a look that’s inspiring me to “go gold” for a summer of vintage fashion love.


1950s Gold Sequin Dress

1950s vintage sequin dress

1950s style marks an era of feminine glamour. Also known as the “golden years” of America, the 1950s is remembered for being a carefree time of financial security, cultural optimism and peaceful stability in America.

1950s clothing inspired women to embrace their figures with hourglass silhouettes (tiny waists emphasized with full skirts) and hip-hugging cuts a la the pencil skirt and wiggle dress.

Christian Dior’s “New Look” revolutionized the American woman’s closet from the stoic, masculine outfits of 1940s fashion to the gorgeous and girlie style of the ’50s.

1950s vintage sequin dress

1950s vintage sequin dress

I wore a piece of vintage gold from Sarara Vintage Couture, one of the web’s finest proprietors of luxury vintage fashion and accessories.

My piece of vintage gold sparkled and shined against the landscape and luxury of New York City’s historical Central Park.

Shot on location at the Conservatory Garden and Harlem Meer, the dress captured the attention of passerby who curiously asked, “Where is your dress from?” 

“From the 1950s!” I enthusiastically replied.

1950s vintage sequin dress

1950s vintage sequin dress

1950s vintage sequin dress

1950s vintage sequin dress

1950s vintage sequin dress

 1950s gold sequin dress, available from Sarara Vintage Couture

“These are sequins done in a tasteful way. I bought it from an estate in New York’s Hudson Valley. The long sleeves make this dress very early Mad Men, an extravagant garment worn by a serious woman of style.”  – Sara Brandon, founder of Sarara Vintage

Makeup & Accessories

1950s vintage sequin dress

gold nails and gold lip

I’ve never been a manicure maniac. I put on nail polish one day and the next day it’s gone. But this gold sequin nail polish (found at a discount beauty store!) stayed on. Ironically, my issue was figuring out how to remove once I was ready for a return to the clean nail look!

Inspired by Nicky Minaj (and her blatantly bold style), I experimented with DIYing my own gold lip using gold eye shadow. It adds a touch of futuristic funk to my vintage look.

To achieve the lip, I lightened my lips with foundation and then using my finger, hand-applied gold eyeshadow to my lips (emphasizing more color on the bottom lip). A dab of gloss on top sealed the deal and maximized glow.

1950s vintage sequin dress

1970s gold gauntlet cuffs available from Sarara Vintage Couture

“The cuffs are the estate of Las Vegas showgirl. All of her pieces were glam. This lady was a quote and quote “showgirl” – she lived the bold, sexually charged style of her life!”  – Sara

1940s silver and gold threaded clutch from India

1950s vintage sequin dress

The style and design of a classic vintage garment is unparalleled in contemporary fashion. The cost of a modern equivalent is near impossible to achieve – unless, of course, your AmEx is flexible acquiring debt into the thousands!

“A woman should own vintage because a woman can think a little bit about her style, and not just follow the trends. Vintage makes you think about who you are: What’s the look that you like? It’s important for a woman to add individuality to her wardrobe.” – Sara

The #lipstickaffirmations Message

lipstick affirmations

lipstick affirmations

lipstick affirmations

#lipstick affirmations is my social media campaign for more self-love. We apply makeup to feel our best for the day ahead, and after applying our “outer” beauty, we can also apply our “inner” beauty, too.

Writing a #lipstickaffirmation is like applying makeup to our souls. Everyday I write one of these positive affirmations and share it via social media to “spread love daily” and then, using my favorite shade of Revlon lipstick, I seal it with a kiss.

Want more #lipstickaffirmations? Follow me on Instagram for my daily morning affirmation sealed with a kiss using lipstick by Revlon.

Sponsored by Magnum Ice Cream

This is a collaboration between Magnum and the AOL Lifestyle Curator Network. Compensation was provided by Magnum via AOL Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Magnum.

Sarara Vintage Couture

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Sarara Vintage Couture has been featured in Lucky Magazine, provided wardrobe for Vogue editorial, sold vintage to Brooke Shields and sold inspiration to designer Derek Lam.

Visit Sarara Vintage

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Photography by Diane Dulgerian Photography

diane dulgerian ad

Diane Dulgerian is a New York City based photographer with an eye for style. She specializes in portrait photography of children, high school seniors, engagement/couples/love, families, events, maternity and pets.

Visit Diane Dulgerian Photography 

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  1. Mary says:

    Wow, what an amazing dress! Fabulous photos too and I love your new hairstyle. Rocking it! :)

  2. Sammy says:

    Thank you so much Mary! The dress was divine. A true beauty. I hope she lives forever! #vintagelove

  3. Sarara says:

    Oh, you look so amazing – smoking hot in the dress. I was so excited to do the spot with you. I am glad the dress found its purpose. I mean those photos are golden! I appreciate the lovely post and continue find you an inspiration:)

  4. Sammy says:

    That dress will live FOREVER! #vintagelove

  5. Helen Mae says:

    That is a fantastic dress! I love how it still looks modern despite being from the 50s, and that the sequins don’t look tacky like I find with a lot of items with sequins in high street stores.

  6. Sammy says:

    hi Helen! I agree – especially considering most likely, these sequins were handsewn or worked on by a few individuals via a machine … not an assembly line. Thanks for stopping by and spreading #vintagelove!

  7. Linda says:

    What a great look, Sammy, and such a gorgeous photo shoot too! You look like a Glamazon! And those cuff bracelets? I die!

  8. Sammy says:

    I died too! They were from the estate of a Vegas Showgirl. Striptease, eat your heart out!

  9. Everything is stunning! You, the dress, the cuffs, the nails!!

  10. Fröken H says:

    Wow! The dress is amazing and fits you like a glove :) I want to thank you Sammy for inspiring me to buy more vintage and wearing it in my everyday life :)

  11. Sammy says:

    We can all wear a little bit of vintage everyday and I am THRILLED you have found that fashion power! Please thank you for keeping in touch. ;-)

  12. Sammy says:

    psshhh. just shining ;-) like you! Thanks so much.

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