Styling Vintage with Modern (Urban Outfitters)

June 1st, 2011

I created 5 distinctive outfits using ONE modern piece from Urban Outfitters!

Which one do you like best? Keep reading after the jump to see the final looks and to vote for your favorite!

Thanks to everyone for watching this week’s episode of Sammy Davis Vintage — I can’t thank you enough for helping to spread that vintage love ;-)

Please check out Marmalade Vintage if you are in New York City, and say hi to the owner Hannah.

Special thanks to The Vintage Mistress for providing on-camera vintage wardrobe (my head scarf & floral romper) for the episode.

And please NEVER hesitate to say hello on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and email at!

xx, SD


Which vintage outfit styled with yellow shorts do you like best?
1-Bright and Casual
2-Fresh Prince
3-Posh Poolside
4-Moschino Money
5-Evening Glam free polls


marmalade boutique womens vintage fashion outfit



marmalade womens vintage fashion outfit


marmalade womens vintage fashion outfit



marmalade boutique womens vintage fashion outfit



marmalade vintage womens vintage fashion outfit

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  1. CAG says:

    Is it okay for me to love all of them!! No seriously. You did an AWESOME job Sammy!! I love them!

    I picked #3 as my fav only because I am going to Jamaica in 2 weeks and imagined myself where that exact outfit at some point! Like I want it in my life right now!

    I think my other favs are #1 and #4. But I love all of them!

    But seriously…Where can I get #3? I need it in my life!! LOL


  2. Judith Uhl says:

    Look #4 is just stunning !!!
    You Rock It Sammy !!!


  3. Marie says:

    Sammy! Perfect timing – I just got a pair or high waisted red hot pants :)


  4. Justine says:

    I love your outfit!!
    i love your videos and your style :D


  5. BresBaubles says:

    You look smokin’ hot girl! Those legs! I am sprung on every single look!


    Sammy Reply:

    thanks Bre! This video makes me crave summer … AND BRIGHT YELLOW SHORTS! xoxo


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