The Trendiest Looks for this Autumn

by Nicole in Comment — Updated August 15, 2022

Top Trending Winter Looks for 2022

Winter is a time of wonder and happiness for some. Cozy days by the fire, walks in snowy woods, making snowmen, and drinking hot chocolate topped with little marshmallows. For others, however, it’s a time of dread and discomfort: lumpy coats, frozen fingertips, iced-up windshields, and dripping ceilings. If you’re in the former category, then you don’t need our help because you already love Winter. If you’re one of the latter, it sounds like you and Winter could use some couples counseling!

The Trendiest Looks for this Autumn

One of the best ways to get on excellent terms with winter is to dress the part and indulge in some of the glorious winter fashion trends that have been appearing on the runways in the lead-up to Winter 2022. Put on a pair of women’s Dune London boots, try a color-blocked look to contrast with your dreary surroundings, or pop on a headscarf or balaclava to keep the cold at bay. Check out these top trending winter looks and see if anything catches your eye.

The Trendiest Looks for this Autumn 5


The oversized outerwear trend is absolutely perfect for your winter look. It was cute in summer, but in winter, it is practical as well: you have no hope at all of squeezing three layers underneath a coat that’s already skin-tight, do you? Everything from trenches to leather jackets to aviator jackets has been appearing on the runway in extra huge sizes, with enough room for layers underneath that don’t disrupt the silhouette and re-shape the look too much.

The Trendiest Looks for this Autumn

Pleats and Thank Yous

Pleats in all their glorious varieties are here for the winter. Add some exciting textures to your look with pants pleated from top to bottom, pop on a traditional pleated schoolgirl skirt and tights for a cheeky night out, or opt for a pair of pleated, waist-high trousers for a casual daytime look. Pleats are no longer just for the queen or women her age.

The Trendiest Looks for this Autumn

Color Blocking

Yup, for many designers, the color blocking trend has clung on for another season. Thankfully we no longer live in the days when all winter fashion was in shades of black, gray, or navy. We don’t have anything against these grounded neutral colors, but anything can get a little tedious if you have too much of it. Winter wear is available in every color under the sun. Coats in bright yellow, boots in teal, bags in fuschia. If this all seems a little overwhelming for you and your mostly neutral wardrobe, but you’d like to try the trend out on a smaller scale before committing, why not try a pop of color in the form of a scarf or beanie first?

The Trendiest Looks for this Autumn

Extra Headwear

Things can be both practical and interesting to the eye. Gone are the plain stretch beanies, functional black balaclavas, and lumpy, shapeless headwear. Extra headwear is here; bonnets decorated with life-like flowers, balaclavas in colors to match any wardrobe, snoods that become hoods, and headscarves that provide warmth and aesthetic appeal. Since most of the heat in your body escapes through your head, there can’t be any harm in adding an exciting piece of headwear to your wardrobe.

Leather Outerwear

If you thought you’d left your leather pants behind in the Matrix, think again. Leather outerwear, particularly pants, is roaring back onto the catwalks this season. Be warned: this trend is not for the faint of heart. Wearing and caring for leather pants can be a labor of love: breaking them in will take a while, and they require special care like dry cleaning on a regular basis. If this much maintenance doesn’t seem like a problem to you, then get yourself a pair of leather pants STAT. We advise going with a color that’s wearable with a lot on your wardrobe rather than taking this opportunity to try out the color-blocking trend.

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Vested Interests

The vest is here to keep your body warm and help you look cute at the same time. Not only is a knitted vest a great way to add layers, texture, and interest to what might otherwise have been a slightly too simple look, but it’s also incredibly practical for the cold winter months. It keeps heat close to your body without you having to bulk up with yet another whole layer of clothing. Your vests are your best friend as the seasons start to change, too: when you’re concerned, layering up too much will make you too hot but going without it will no doubt leave you freezing, opt for a vest.

Wrap Up

These winter trends don’t have to break the bank: look out for end-of-season sales or shop from outlets. Swap clothing with your friends to try out a new look before you buy or treat yourself for that special occasion. Welcome to your winter wonderland!


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