5 Stylish Ways to Wear Boots this Summer

by Bonnie in , Comment — Updated September 6, 2023

Just because it’s summertime doesn’t mean you have to put away your fav vintage boots! Here are 5 stylish ways that you can keep wearing them, right up until the air turns chilly in autumn.  An added bonus — during the summer months, boots are often on sale. Pick up a bargain pair and start wearing them right away. 

1. Cowboy Boots and a White Sundress

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For a southern-belle look, try wearing a white sun dress (the frillier, the better!) with a pair of caramel colored cowboy boots. This would be a perfect outfit for a date night, or a picnic at the park. 

2. Black Ankle Boots and Printed Skirt

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Ankle boots will dress up your miniskirt and tee combo, so beware that if you’re going for super casual, this won’t fit the bill. Try a skirt with a floral print to add a feminine touch. 

3. Camo Prints and Studded Boots

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Camo is trendy these days. From leggings to skits to shorts, it’s easy to find clothing items with this print. Feel like a rough and ready fighter by pairing camouflage pieces with studded boots. 

4. Heeled Boots and Short Shorts

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Accentuate your sun-kissed legs by wearing heeled ankle boots and short shorts. The heel will help you show off your toned legs. 

5. Slouchy Chic Knee-High Boots 

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Do you have a favorite pair of slouchy, knee-high boots that you wear all winter long? Instead of putting them away in the summer time, wear with shorts and a flowing top. You’ll stand apart from the crowd, in a good way! 

When it comes to wearing boots in the summertime, you have plenty of options. Instead of sticking your boots in the closet for months, experiment with adding them to your warm-weather outfits. From southern-belle to fighter chick, we’ve shown you five ways to wear boots when the weather gets hot. Do you have another idea? Share in the comments section below! 

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