The Right Necklace for Each Type of Bridal Neckline

by Nicole in , Comment — Updated November 5, 2022

The Right Necklace for Each Type of Bridal Neckline 7

First of all, congratulations! You’ve found the perfect wedding dress, now you just need to complete the look with jewelry. From diamond pendants to crisp white pearl necklaces and bold chokers, there are so many options to choose from. It may get overwhelming, but never fear. Shopping for jewelry can and should be a fun adventure, especially with our tips to help you out. Keep reading to find just the right necklace for your bridal gown.


The basic rule of thumb when selecting a necklace is that it should not compete with the neckline. Straight necklines are ideal for those who have a statement piece they want to show off. The clean line is basically a blank canvas. However, if your dress is embroidered, beaded, or has other showy components, you may opt for a less complicated necklace, such as a plain gold chain, a diamond or pearl pendant, or a single colored stone such as a ruby, emerald or sapphire. Also note that the straight neckline is one of the few cases when you can get away with crossing the line, and edgier brides may opt for a long necklace that hit mid-bust or even lower.


Another top pick for brides, the sweetheart is an absolute classic. Because of the emphasis on the neck and bust, any necklace that follows this line is ideal. When it comes to the shape of the stones and the necklace, curves are preferable to sharp angles, and lengthy chains or pearl ropes that go over the fabric are best avoided. An elegant pearl strand or even a choker are also top picks for this shape.

The Right Necklace for Each Type of Bridal Neckline 9


Similar to the sweetheart yet distinct, a V-neck is the sportier of the two. The key here is to fill up the space without letting it get too busy.

Scoop Neck

Curved and wide, scoop necks are wonderful for showcasing a special necklace. Multi-strand, statement, and unique heirlooms are all excellent choices. Again, necklaces that cross the neckline should be avoided. Chokers, tiny pendants and delicate chains are less than optimal as they leave too much ‘blank’ space.


High yet wide, a boatneck (sometimes called ‘bateau’) requires special care when selecting a necklace. Pick one that is short enough that it steers clear of the dress’s neckline. Another alternative is to skip the necklace and focus on a pair of sparkly earrings instead.


Off-shoulder styles can sit right at the shoulder, or far lower. A choker or pendant are ideal for this style.


A square neckline is very strong on its own and requires little adornment. Perfect for those who prefer a minimalist style, a delicate pendant or chain are all you need. Again, it is best that the necklace not cross the neckline because it can actually make you appear shorter, not a look many brides are aiming for.


Asymmetrical necklines create the illusion of broader shoulders as they draw the eye up and away from the torso and hips. The best options for this style are chokers, collars, and pendants that stay above the neckline.


Flattering, supportive and sexy, it’s no wonder halters are a popular choice for bridal gowns. A choker or short pendant are a couple of options here, but should only be worn if there is enough space to not interfere with the shape of the halter. Statement earrings and a sparkling bracelet or arm cuff are alternative jewelry options for halters.


The delicate nature of the fabric used to create an illusion neckline makes a necklace unadvisable in this case. Instead, focus on statement earrings, and, if arms are bare, a lovely bracelet.

The Right Necklace for Each Type of Bridal Neckline 11


Yet another option for brides who would rather not have to stress about a necklace, a high neckline is best left unadorned. Earrings and/or bracelets are the way to go with with this style gown.

Other Things to Consider

  • Daytime weddings call for simpler jewelry, while bolder styles are more appropriate for night.
  • Consider your ensemble as a whole. Colors, patterns, and other jewelry all matter. The bolder the dress, the simpler the jewels.
  • The most important thing to keep in mind when selecting a necklace is your personal taste. If you love it, your happiness will show. If you don’t, people will notice. It’s your Big Day. Enjoy it to the max!




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