10 Thoughtful and Sustainably Made Bridesmaid Gifts

by Kacey Bradley in Comment — Updated January 25, 2020

Your squad escorts you down the aisle on your big day — how can you thank them for their friendship and love? If you care about the planet, no doubt you seek sustainable bridesmaid gifts to present to your best girls. However, coming up with ideas can prove difficult.

The 10 ideas below will help you show your tribe your love without harming the planet. Whether you select only one or mix and match, these gifts will please even the pickiest besties.

1. Microbead-Free Body Scrub and Lip Shimmer

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You want your crew to look their best on your big day, but you don’t want them using plastic microbeads. Microplastics pose a major threat to whales and dolphins, some of which already make the endangered species list.

Give your girls a natural glow with facial scrub using salt crystals or sugar. They can slough rough skin off their lips and cheeks before applying their base. Pair with a loofah for the bath and an ethically made lip shimmer to complete the effect.

2. Sustainably Sourced Bath Beauty Kit

What’s better than relaxing in a hot bath? Not much! Why not treat your squad to an ethical retreat for after they’ve danced the night away at your reception?

Look for products free of parabens and sodium laurel sulfate. Parabens impact human hormones, and sodium laurel sulfate strips the skin of precious oils.

3. Fair Trade Natural Beeswax Candles

If your girlfriends are at all like me, they love candles. However, regular paraffin-wax candles release chemicals like benzene into the air. Instead, gift a beeswax candle from a company working to attain Certified B Corporation status. This elite ranking applies only to companies with the highest level of environmental commitment and public transparency.

4. Eco-Friendly Natural Makeup Brush Kit

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Bamboo grows much faster than trees and makes the perfect handles for makeup brushes. Exercise caution with natural bristles — these contain animal fur, rendering them unsuitable for vegans. Look for brushes with Taklon bristles, which offer artist-level quality and are cruelty-free.

5. Reusable Bag, Water Bottle and Straw Kit

When you hit the road with the girls, do you leave a forest of single-use plastic litter in your wake? Gift your bridesmaids a travel set consisting of a reusable bag or two, a water bottle and a silicone straw so they can pass on the restaurant version. Every time they head out to market, they’ll think of you — and the planet — fondly.

6. Ethically Sourced Lingerie

Many commercial lingerie designers utilize overseas sweatshop labor. This creates human rights abuses as well as fuels the need for additional shipping — leading to higher carbon emissions.

Instead, patronize local stores, and seek ethical lingerie. Designers today create fashions that flatter any size and shape.

7. Aromatherapy Diffuser, Oil and Roller Ball Set

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Aromatherapy can alleviate the pain of health woes and improve your mood. Plus, you can find inexpensive aromatherapy diffusers for less than $15 at nearly any department store. You can even use travel diffusers that plug into your computer’s USB.

Pair a diffuser with some fragrant oils like bitter orange for energy and focus and lavender for stress relief. Add a roller ball your friends can keep in their bags for when they need a bit of scent-sual relief on the go.

8. Handcrafted Wooden Yarn Bowl and Bamboo Yarn

Do you have knitting mamas in your bridal party? If so, why not gift a handcrafted, fair trade wooden yarn bowl and some bamboo yarn? Bamboo uses fewer resources to grow than cotton. Additionally, unlike itchy wool, bamboo lets your skin breathe, meaning sweaters made from the fibers don’t cause you to overheat when you step indoors.

9. Recycled Blown Glass Vase Set

A vase set can hold candles, flowers or incense sticks — they instantly add elegance to any room of your home. You can find beautiful vases made with recycled glass, which reduces both air and water pollution significantly. You can even buy in bulk and use similar vessels for centerpieces at your reception hall.

10. Fair Trade Jewelry

Many brides present their squad with jewelry to wear on the big day. Instead of looking for gemstones mined off the backs of slave labor, seek fair trade-certified jewelry that helps lift indigenous women out of poverty. If you live in an urban or crafty area, check out weekend art shows and patronize local vendors to further reduce your carbon footprint.

11. Luxury Eco-Friendly Bags

Your bridesmaids are an integral part of your wedding. However, picking a gift that pleases everyone can be a challenge. A perfect bridesmaid’s gift should be personal and something that can last a lifetime. I know you are thinking diamonds but handbags are the real deal.  A luxury handbag is a gift that will keep on giving and is sure to knock your girls’ socks off. A Celine bag Triomphe clutch is an excellent choice, sustainably made from the finest authentic materials. This Eco-friendly bag is manufactured through quality craftsmanship and it will serve as a functional gift for the big day. Your bridesmaids will love to pair their evening dresses with these colorful handbags as they dance the night away.

Treating Your Squad the Ethical Way

You don’t need to harm the planet to treat your tribe right on your big day. Take some tips from the suggestions above, and give your bridal party sustainable gifts.

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