Printing on Socks, or a New Way to Be Different

by Nicole in Comment — Updated March 11, 2024

Printing on Socks, or a New Way to Be Different

According to the designers, the attitude towards socks has changed a long time ago. They say it’s not the time to hide your socks, but on the contrary, everyone is trying to show them. Bright colors and unusual prints are in fashion, especially when there are printed pictures with some funny pattern or brand logo. Understanding this, some of the top companies have already tried printing pictures on socks as a new different advertising tool for promoting their brands. That’s right, socks have established themselves as excellent souvenirs, gifts, promotions and a tool for expanding the range. Custom designed socks are a great present for the staff, customers or partners, as well as an excellent swag dedicated to various events. They wear well and look beautiful.

Custom branded socks are a great way to increase the product matrix, increase the average bill and give you the opportunity to remind of your brand in everyday life. In addition, socks can become a full-fledged part of the image of anyone’s collection.

Printing on Socks, or a New Way to Be Different

Is printing on socks easy?

The process of printing a design on socks is not that easy but the Custom Sock Company copes with this task perfectly. Branding is applied by direct full-color printing. So, you can choose any of the most colorful images you like! Do you want to order personalized socks with your photo brand or logo? They’ll do it no problem!

In the process of work they use textile inks. They are safe for health, hypoallergenic. Prints won’t crack when worn. Drawings will not be erased after washing. You can wash socks on a gentle wash. The print on the socks remains bright and does not wash out. Persistence and durability of images – a guarantee of quality from the company!

Printing on Socks, or a New Way to Be Different

They can print pictures, logos, photographs and drawings on socks. The sock can be printed completely or on some part of it. The print is applied first on one side of the sock, then on the other. At the junction of the prints, a junction is formed. You can order your brand logo on the entire surface or a specific part of socks. The number of colors in the layout is not limited. The print is bright and colorful. The design of these socks reflects the corporate image of the company thought out to the smallest detail.

You can order print on a variety of socks: short sports socks, long classic socks, standard plain and warm socks for the cold season. The company makes prints only on socks made from high-quality materials from trusted suppliers of fabric and yarn. That is why their socks are so comfortable for your feet all day long. Also great if you add insole support to the socks, ensuring not only comfort for your feet but also additional support throughout the day.

The best way to be original!

Bright, original socks with a logo prove every day that they are able to surprise their owners and cheer them up. And the people around them as well!

Printing logos on socks is an original way to promote your brand because:

  • This is a budget advertising. The cost of printing one pair is relatively low. Yes, you will still need some funds to adjust the circulation. But the larger the circulation is, the lower the final cost will be.
  • You get your logo in the consumer’s field of vision. We are sure that your client’s wardrobe is already overflown with monotonous socks that have a traditional dull design? An original, trendy model with a logo will 100% stand out from their background!
  • They attract interest and attention of others. Don’t you believe that branded socks can bring new customers to you? Once a person pulls off his shoes, it will be difficult for surrounding people not to notice your brand logo on the socks.

Socks are an original and useful gift for all occasions. Therefore, socks are both a motivation for a purchase, and a premium set, and souvenir products! And high-quality custom designed socks produced by the Custom Sock Company will become a reminder of your brand every day! Printed socks are a direct opportunity to be one step ahead of the competition.

You have not heard about this new brand promotional tool before, haven’t you? We are ready to listen to all your questions and consult you on any issue connected with this!


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