How The Casino Influenced Fashion As We Know It Today

by Nicole in Comment — Updated March 18, 2022

How The Casino Influenced Fashion As We Know It Today

The Good Ol’ Days

As is the case for any fashion trends, it all has to start somewhere. We can trace back and pinpoint what areas of our popular culture or history have influenced the latest fashion trends today. If we think about traditional glamorous dress style, men usually have slicked-back hair and wear black suits, like in the familiar old casino movies. Similarly, women are draped in jewels and gorgeous gowns. The classic casino style!

However, things are not like the movies, and things have changed a lot since then. If you were to step inside a casino, you wouldn’t see men or women dolled up, and the style has changed for what arguably could be better or worse, depending on your preference. Read on to find out more about how casinos have influenced the fashion world as we know it today.

The Influence

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It can be argued that the casino dress code has impacted the fashion industry as we know it today. The old-school types of casino dress code have weaved their way in and motivated world-leading designers such as Michael Kors, Givenchy, and others to hold casino-inspired fashion shows. For example, in a Las Vegas-themed show in 2017 by Moschino, we saw the likes of Hailey Bieber and Miranda Kerr strutting the catwalk in casino-themed trends. These models, including others, sported looks inspired by casinos and slot games, wearing outfits that were clad in sequins, pastels, and neon colors.

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Karl Lagerfeld by Chanel is another designer who was inspired by the casino. In Paris 2015, Chanel brought out a gambling and casino games show. The stars that walked the catwalk in this show were the likes of Julianne Moore and Kristen Stewart; the stars of the show wore white and black dresses that represented casino cocktail chic. On the runway, Stewart and Moore played some poker, blackjack, and a spinning wheel added to the overall casino vibe.

However, mainstream fashion doesn’t just mean the glitz and glam of in-person casinos; it can also refer to the world of online casinos. Today, live casinos allow people to interact via video and audio links to meet a dealer. Some of these platforms can enable you to play your favorite games in your comfy sweatpants.

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Casinos’ Long-Lasting Impact on Fashion

The relationship between casinos and fashion has continued to grow today; there are specific casinos where you have to adhere to a strict dress code. Depending on where you are, some casinos will still be very strict on what you are meant to wear. If you don’t come dressed appropriately, don’t be surprised if you are thrown out for wearing a t-shirt and not a suit and tie.

Although women can’t wear suits and might not want to turn up in a gown, it is essential that they wear something befitting and expensive-looking. It is clear that glamor hasn’t been lost entirely and can still be achieved through minor alterations, so you can still look the part.

In the later years, there was another big wave in the casino fashion trends known as ‘power dressing’ that massively influenced the fashion industry today. In this era, you could expect nothing less than big wigs, skin-tight dresses, and oversized blazers to top off your look. This is represented through modern fashion today on various runways, with women, in particular, being praised for gracing the world in a ‘power suit.’ In this era, we saw casinos let go of the glitz and glamor slightly and lean in more to a comfier kind of fashion. This way, people are focusing on the gambling process more and less on the fashion side of things. Nonetheless, trends are still around and will evolve again and again.

To conclude, if you do decide to hit up the casino, enjoy the thrill of it all and dress for the kill. The beauty of it all is that you can do it in your own style, but make sure to tip a wink to the trends that landed you where you are now!


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