Top 6 Reasons to Go Vintage

by Nicole in Comment — Updated September 8, 2021

There are numerous reasons to consider buying vintage clothing. Whether you are looking for a personal style that’s a little more unique or simply looking out for the earth, you can accomplish this and so much more by making the switch to vintage.

That said, you don’t have to do a 180 on changing your entire wardrobe. Even if all you’ve considered trying lately is one vintage item, here are six reasons to go for it!

1. Vintage clothing prices are often lower than new clothing.

The cost of vintage clothing is usually better than name-brand stores, and the quality can also be higher for a lower price. Vintage stores offer a variety of styles and sizes, making it more likely to find items that fit you better. When there isn’t a need for alterations, you save money on tailoring costs as well.

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2. Shopping vintage is a sustainable way to shop.

There’s a reason why today’s fashion is commonly referred to as “fast fashion.” And you could argue one reason it’s called fast fashion is due to how quickly and critically it’s impacting the environment. Fast fashion contributes to 10% of all carbon emissions worldwide, and it’s the second largest pollutive industry behind oil.

Having clothing that is accessible and affordable is important. Consumers may be able to get clothing at low costs when it’s mass-produced. Yet these highly profitable brands and our support of them end up costing us the health of our beautiful planet.

Shopping vintage is the perfect way to be environmentally friendly because no new materials are needed. When you buy vintage clothing items, you’re keeping clothes out of landfills by recycling them instead.

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3. Vintage clothing is unique.

A wardrobe made up of even a few vintage pieces will always stand out from the rest. That said, you may not be someone who wants to stand out or experiment with your fashion tastes, and that’s okay! You can find the same or similar items that popular contemporary brands offer at vintage stores too.

No matter how experimental you decide to get, wearing vintage clothing is a way to embrace the culture of another time and place. The styles, colors, fabrics, and more can be appreciated in a whole new light since they’re not so common today.

4. Vintage clothing supports small, local businesses.

When you buy vintage clothing, you’re supporting small, local businesses that may not have otherwise been able to stay open without your purchase.

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5. Vintage clothing prevents human exploitation.

Many people are exploited in the production of contemporary clothes. Workers aren’t provided fair wages, and some even live on-site to keep costs low for their employer. When you buy vintage clothing from a store that is transparent about its sourcing practices, you can rest assured that no one has been mistreated or underpaid so your purchase could happen.

6. Vintage shopping nurtures your creative side.

Creativity never goes out of style, and neither does vintage clothing. Many vintage styles are simply no longer available or expected to pop up in the contemporary fashion world. This means more opportunities to put together outfits that are entirely your own.

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Vintage shopping is a lot of fun! Besides, enhanced creativity is good for everyone, no matter the form. You don’t have to be into drawing or writing to appreciate creative outlets or go vintage shopping. But you do get dressed every day (hopefully), so why not give vintage a shot?

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  1. Thank you for enumerating all the reasons to buy vintage, I am sharing this post. Some people still don’t appreciate the great value they can get by buying preloved. You’ve given me some new words to use to explain the value of shopping this way. I’m frustrated that more people are not coming into my store and seeing the savings and quality, and buying from my enormous collection! I will keep reading your tips and learning how to market better. Your article was great!


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