How To Care For Vintage Jewelry Especially Engagement Rings

by Nicole in Comment — Updated August 22, 2022

Let’s face it, custom vintage engagement and jewelry can be some of the most beautiful and meaningful jewelry you’ll ever own. However, these rings and jewelry are also prone to wear and tear. That’s why it’s so important to care for such gold rings. Follow these simple care instructions and your vintage engagement ring will stay beautiful for years to come.

How To Care For Vintage Jewelry Especially Engagement Rings

Special Cleaning Care Procedures Based on Vintage Styles

First of all, before you can begin the process of cleaning a vintage engagement ring or vintage wedding ring, any other types of vintage jewelry, it is very important that you take into consideration a number of different essential factors. More importantly, you need to make sure that you understand the types of cleaning solutions that will be needed to do a thorough cleaning and safe job. For instance, here are a few things that you need to know about how vintage jewelry make-up and their designs.

Differences Between features in the Victorian and Edwardian Styles

Shopping for a vintage engagement ring is a great alternative to buying the traditional yellow gold rings. This is primarily because there are normally features in these rings that you will not get in the traditional gold rings. For instance, here are some of the things and differences between the Victorian and the Edwardian Engagement Rings that you need to take into account.

How To Care For Vintage Jewelry Especially Engagement Rings

Jewelry from the Victorian Era was a lot easier to find because of its prevalence and the popularity of gold and silver. Also, unlike other Eras in history, diamonds, garnets, amethyst, turquoise, sapphires, pearls, and Motifs of animals (i.e. snakes) were the latest trend in the industry. 

On the other hand, in contrast to the Victorian Era and Art Deco, the Edwardian engagement rings and other jewelry consisted of ornates, intricate, and flowery designs. It is also important to note that the addition of diamonds and pearls denoted the status of prestige. Therefore, it is very important to clean this jewelry based on their styles and make-up, including determining how to clean these stones without causing damage.

Basics of Cleaning Vintage Engagement Rings and Jewelry Tips and Recommendations

As mentioned above, the cleaning instructions for vintage jewelry can vary based on style and stones. So, when you are cleaning this jewelry type, here are some beneficial instructions, and useful tips that you need to know.

  1. Select the right types of cleaning products based on the metal and stone type. Not all antique jewelry require the same cleaning treatment. For instance, if you can use ammonia to clean old dark gold and platinum jewelry. Yet, you cannot use ammonia on gold and platinum jewelry that has stones in them.
  2. To remove dust and old residue between the intricate details of vintage Victorian jewelry, you should use jewelry cleaner on a soft brush to to do a thorough cleaning job.
  3. Make sure to dry the ring before starting the next step.
  4. Polish the jewelry to make it shine like new.

How To Care For Vintage Jewelry Especially Engagement Rings

How to Clean Different types of Gem Stones

Make sure that you understand the differences in gem stones since some gems are more delicate than others. For instance, when it comes to gems like sapphires, rubies and diamonds, the cleaning solutions can be as strong as ammonia. On the other hand, if you are cleaning gems like pearls, you need a much lesser in strength cleaning solution like baking powder and a mixture of water.


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