Your Go-To Art Deco Engagement Ring Guide

by Nicole in , Comment — Updated December 20, 2021

Art deco – the most influential international architectural and decorative movement of the 20th century that started before the first world war and continued throughout the 1940s. One of my personal favorite type of vintage jewelry. It featured expensive materials such as ivory, marble, mahogany, and silk. It got its name from the very famous International Exhibition Of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts in Paris, France, in 1925, where this style was exhibited for the first time.

During the second world war the interest in this style slowly started to fade away, but it made its quick return again in the 1960s.

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Art deco appeared in architecture, furniture, fine art, and jewelry. It’s characteristics are geometrical, linear, zigzag and trapezoidal forms, usually in bold colors such as yellow, green, blue and red in combination with black and gold.

When it comes to art deco rings from that era, there is one word that can describe it, and it’s – bold. It looked nothing like what we were used to before. Art deco defined rings and other jewelry in geometrical shapes such as triangles, rectangles, squares and circles with stones such as jade, corals and pearls. In addition to yellow gold and silver, a new metal appeared which is platinum.

Whether you are only browsing for alternative rings or you are certain that you want an art deco ring we hope this guide will make your choosing easier or even better, will inspire you to have it as your engagement ring.


Bold colors definitely shaped this era. This also applies to jewelry. For brides that are sophisticated and ready to stand out, this sapphire art deco engagement ring is an excellent pick.

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After Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, appeared with an aquamarine ring on her wedding day, this stone reached a peak in its popularity. With this dazzling art deco ring you will get the best of both worlds – sleek design and beauty from an aquamarine stone that will take your breath away.

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Geometric shaped rings in bold colors are for true vintage romantics that live for Art Deco aesthetics.

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Even in that period, many people still swore on classic diamond and gold jewelry. This style embodies it perfectly. This set is for brides that are not keen on risks but like vintage styles from time to time.

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You have a tough time deciding which Art Deco style is your favorite? Maybe you like one, but you want to change something about it? One of my favorite brands is Capucinne. They can make this wish come true in just a couple of steps. Customization is their specialty and you’ve come to the place where this wish can become a reality.

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