6 Nostalgic Mother’s Day Gifts Ideas for Women Who Love Vintage

by Nicole in Comment — Updated March 18, 2023

You often hear it said, “things aren’t made like they used to be,” or “everything comes back into style.” You hear this because it’s true. And just because your mother may be aging doesn’t mean she can’t still love vintage items, from home décor to fashion. As an ode to your mom this Mother’s Day, especially if she’s a woman who loves all things vintage or mid-century, there are Mother’s Day presents that she’ll not only love but get plenty of use from. Keep reading for the best Mother’s Day gift ideas for the mom in your life who loves all things vintage, and make this Mother’s Day a blast from the past.

Vintage Photo Frame

Mothers love decorating their homes with photographs of their children or their kids’ artwork – even if you’re forty, your mother still has artwork you did in grammar school. While some moms might love a digital photo frame for Mother’s Day, a vintage-loving momma wants a vintage photo frame! Complete this gift with a photo of the two of you (from when you were younger or the present day) in the frame. It’s a present she’ll proudly display at home.6 Nostalgic Mother's Day Gifts Ideas for Women Who Love Vintage

Heart Locket

Another way to keep a photo of you close to your mother’s heart is with a beautiful vintage or vintage-inspired gold heart locket. Lockets have been worn for centuries, so no matter what era of vintage your mother is a fan of, she will love a beautiful 14k gold necklace as a Mother’s Day present that reminds her each time she wears it how proud she is to be your mother. Nothing is more precious to her mother than her children, but fine jewelry can run a close second, so spoil her with a gold heart locket on a beautiful solid gold chain.

6 Nostalgic Mother's Day Gifts Ideas for Women Who Love Vintage

A Curated Mixtape

Not all things vintage are mid-century or from the sixties and seventies. If your mother was born in the eighties, she’d love the nostalgia of a perfectly curated mixtape. The tape itself is vintage (and works only for moms who still have tape players), but you can curate a playlist of her favorite hits from her childhood and teens, or you can create a mix of songs that remind you of her. No matter what you put on the tape, any eighties-baby mother will love this gift.6 Nostalgic Mother's Day Gifts Ideas for Women Who Love Vintage

Paint By Numbers Kit

Does your mom love to get creative? Maybe she’s already an artist, but even if she isn’t, bring the nostalgia of a paint-by-numbers kit to her as a fun activity to complete. Once she finishes the painting, she can display it in her home and think of you each time she sees it. You can also purchase two kits and do them together as a fun “night in” activity. Painting has been shown to produce the same relaxation benefits as meditation, so even if your mom isn’t creative, what mom doesn’t need time to unwind and destress?6 Nostalgic Mother's Day Gifts Ideas for Women Who Love Vintage

Record Player

Most audiophiles will quickly tell you that music sounds best on vinyl, and if your mom doesn’t have a record player, this makes the perfect gift for a vintage enthusiast. Of course, you’ll want to add on a few records so she can start enjoying her present immediately, but you can purchase current artists she enjoys. If you want to search online for vintage records in good condition from groups and artists she enjoyed in her youth, that’s also a sweet touch. If you want to keep things simple, you can give a retro-inspired Bluetooth record player, which is convenient but still hits the vintage mark.6 Nostalgic Mother's Day Gifts Ideas for Women Who Love Vintage

Retro Coffee Maker

Mom’s run on coffee; there are countless memes, bumper stickers, and t-shirts devoted to this reality. Help your mom get that vintage vibe in her kitchen with a retro-style coffee maker. She’ll smile every morning as she prepares her precious cup of joe and reflects on the years she’s enjoyed being your mother. With this gift, you can add vintage diner-style mugs and a bag of her favorite flavor of beans. Go the extra mile, set it up for her, enjoy a cup of coffee together, and talk about all the memories you cherish with her.6 Nostalgic Mother's Day Gifts Ideas for Women Who Love Vintage

Shopping for mom this mother’s day is easy, even if she’s a vintage lover, by choosing one of the above gifts. There’s something for everyone on this list, so grab your mom one or several and shower her with love this Mother’s Day; she deserves it!

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