How to Use High-End Finishes to Upgrade Your Home

by Nicole in Comment — Updated May 7, 2024

Land of luxury beyond any doubt appears inviting. Just imagine strolling in a place where elegance, sophistication, and allure merge together. Although creating such a dream may sound costly, luxurious feelings do not always equal money spent. A touch of creativity, planful approach, and reasonable choices will equip your home with an environment that lacks no trace of grandeur.How to Use High-End Finishes to Upgrade Your Home 11

This article aims at introducing various ways to create a high-end finish in the place of residence.

Defining Luxury: What Stands Beyond Polytopia?

Taking into concern a question asked, it is worth mentioning that luxury involves a deeper understanding. While the term itself may connote highly-priced and costly designs, the real sense of the word goes beyond materials. Indeed, everyone has his/her definition of luxury that depends on personal input. However, generally speaking, such a concept should be understood as an approach that results in a place of comfort.How to Use High-End Finishes to Upgrade Your Home 13

Luxury cannot be created by look only; the house can be full of so-called high-end features to the point that it becomes uncomfortable. Accordingly, true luxury is a combination of functions, aesthetics, and love of using a house. To enjoy one’s home, everything must have a purpose.

The value of planning: What to upgrade first?

The main concept of luxury-on-a-budget is effective planning. Thus, start with picking a thing within the house to upgrade. Create a list of ambitions and prioritize it according to budget limits and the sphere’s impact. For example, interior countertops will transform one’s kitchen visually much more than putting expensive tiles as flooring in a guest bathroom. Since turning high-end looks to low-price ones is viable, choose one that looks the same but costs less. Here is a list of possible luxury groups to upgrade with their budget-wise alternatives.

Upgrading without Breaking the Bank


Granite and marble countertops are the epitome of luxury. However, modern design technologies introduced beautiful and durable quartz or laminate countertops that can easily simulate the appearance of the natural stone at a fraction of the cost .


Hardwood floors have an incomparable elegance and warmth, but solid hardwood is quite expensive. Luckily, engineered wood flooring has a similar feel and look while being more affordable . There is also luxury vinyl plank flooring that closely resembles wood and is exceptionally durable and water-resistant.How to Use High-End Finishes to Upgrade Your Home 15


Luxury kitchens usually include custom cabinetry, but pre-fab cabinets can look just as good if they are combined with top-quality hardware and cabinet pulls . Refinishing the doors and drawers or repainting them paired with modern hardware can give your bathroom or kitchen a more modern, upscale look.


Chandeliers and statement lighting unquestionably have the power to attract attention. However, good options are quite expHow to Use High-End Finishes to Upgrade Your Home 17ensive. In this case, simple sconces or cheap pendant lighting can look surprisingly elegant and sophisticated. Overall, a few well-placed lighting fixtures can change the overall ambience of a room.

Details Make the Difference: Elevating with Simple Touches

In many cases, the most memorable upgrades are the ones that do not require significant spending. Here are some upgrades where attention to detail and creativity tend to be especially effective:


Replacing the knobs, cabinet pulls and doors of the kitchen or bathroom and Willis closet that appear to be too old and worn out with new, modern hardware can significantly improve the elegance and luxury of the room . Fetish colours such as brushed nickel, brass, and matte black are often associated with cleanliness and are a good choice.


Faucets, fixtures, showerheads, and towel bars that are frequently used in bathrooms and kitchens can be upgraded with high-quality, modern finishes such as brushed nickel or chrome .

If you want to update your interior without spending a fortune, consider using the following trick to achieve a high-end look without the costs.


A fresh coat of paint can transform a room like a magic wand. Choose calming neutrals for a timelessly elegant look or create a statement wall in an accent color. If you prefer to think out of the box, an interesting trendy wallpaper can establish a warm and personal ambiance in the living areas of your home. Textiles: High-quality textiles are often associated with luxury. Enhance the comfort of your living areas by fitting them with plush cushions, refined curtains, and soft rugs. Mesh or bold fibers luxuriously feel, and natural textiles like linen or wool will always be en vogue.

Repurposing and Upcycling Vintage Charm

Antique store finds can add a special touch to your home while saving your pocket. Go to a flea market or find someone on an online marketplace to acquire some old, maybe slightly worn-out, mirrors, picture frames, or even pieces of furniture. By refinishing these items or using them in a different way, you will be able to create a unique design that will make the space truly yours.How to Use High-End Finishes to Upgrade Your Home 19

Personal Character and Savings

If you enjoy crafting or building and have the necessary skills and tools, consider a small DIY project that can be a hit. You can create your own piece of artwork, freshen an old dresser, or add shelves. There are numerous tutorials and do-it-yourself blogs to help you get inspired.Embrace Imperfection Wabi-sabi

Wabi-sabi is a Japanese philosophy that appreciates imperfection. While modern life and design often stress the importance of everything being new, flawless, and immaculately precise, wabi-sabi suggests a different approach. Natural materials, aging, and slight imperfections add character to your items. Therefore, to achieve a luxurious look without spending a fortune, opt to mix vintage items with your sleek furniture.

Luxury is not only about beautiful and elegant design; it is also about creating spacious and serene home decor. Decluttering is the first step to making your home look luxurious and therefore, you can start by getting rid of things you do not use or love. Not only does reducing the number of your possessions make your place appear luxurious, but also it enables the things you still own to have enough space around them and leave an impression of peace and order in the house.

Affordable Ways to Make Your Home Look Luxurious

When considering modern luxury, it’s important to think about sustainability and environmental care. In addition to luxury, when picking items for your living space, opt for eco-friendly materials and concepts that enhance the environment. For instance, you could select furniture made from reclaimed materials or bought second hand, opt for energy-efficient lighting for your home, and aim for paints and finishes that are free of harmful components. These choices can greatly enhance your home designs Perth.

Inspiration at Your Hand: Using External Resources for Design Ideas

Do you ever feel stuck when you are trying to develop an idea and need some inspiration? There are numerous resources you can use to get ideas for your home design project: starting from relevant magazines, websites with pictures of beautiful homes and use of design solutions and ending with tools such as Pinterest and Instagram, which may also provide valuable insights. Watch home design shows to pick up on some useful tips and tricks to make your place look luxurious.


The main advice in planning a luxurious home is that your house should tell the story of who you are and what you like. Do not be afraid of trying new things and following what you will — even if they seem to have nothing in common with the latest trends, they may still look perfect in your house. You can turn to the ideas for your design solution given in this article in order to plan your luxurious home and spend little money.

If you are looking for some more inspiration for your new home improvement project, you can look up the resources for home design Perth specifically. Many architects, designers, and builders in Perth provide excellent and stylish home design solutions that may be helpful for your remodeling or decorating project. Keep in mind that luxury is not that far, and if you plan carefully and work really hard, you will be able to create a truly artistic home that even exceeds your expectations.


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