Make Legwarmers from a Sweater: Super Easy No-Sew Project

by Bonnie in , , , Comment — Updated January 11, 2020
Make Legwarmers from a Sweater: Super Easy No-Sew Project 3

Do you like legwarmers? They’re cozy, can be worn in fun, funky colors, and look so cute with leggings and a skirt. If you’re a fan, here’s an easy DIY project that I know you’re going to love! Turn any old sweater into a pair of legwarmers, without sewing at all. Let’s get started. 

You Will Need

First of all, you’ll need to collect a few supplies. Grab an old sweater that’s begging to be upcycled (from your closet, or a second-hand shop), as well as scissors, newspapers, fabric glue, and a legwarmer. The legwarmer will be used so that you have a basic shape and size to model. If you don’t have one on hand, you can eyeball it. 

Cut and Glue

Lay the sweater down flat. Place the legwarmer on top of the sleeve, so that yo know approximately how much of the sweater sleeve you want to cut off. Make the cut. Repeat on the other side. 

Once you have cut both sleeves, you need to shape them. Sweater sleeves are often much wider at the armpit section than at the wrist. So lay your legwarmer down again, and cut the sleeve so that it is the same shape as the legwarmer. You might want to leave the wrist section of the sweater intact. 

Next you will place newspaper down. Put the cut sleeves flat on the newspaper. Apply fabric glue to the edges that need to be connected. Fold the newspaper over the top of this, and place a heavy object, like a textbook, on top. Let this sit for a day.

Once the glue dries, your legwarmers are ready to wear! Are you excited to try this simple DIY yourself? Drop a comment below!




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