3 Shabby Chic DIY Projects for your Garden

by Bonnie in , 6 Comments — Updated January 10, 2020
3 Shabby Chic DIY Projects for your Garden 3
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Are you excited about shabby chic DIY projects? I know I am. I think it’s a fun way to put worn, dated items out on display in a cute, pleasing way. Instead of throwing out old ceiling fans, faded wood, and rusted tin buckets, we can re-purpose them. Here are three DIY projects that give worn out items a stylish new life! 

1. Ceiling fan into garden decor

Turn a ceiling fan into a pretty decoration by painting the fan blades, and fastening it to a post of wood. When the wind blows, the blades will turn! It’s a fun way to add a spash of color into your yard or garden. 

2. Bathtub flower bed

Beautiful claw-foot tubs make great garden beds. Place one behind a shallow bed to add an extra level. Fill with flowers that will overflow and drape over the edges, for a romantic, charming look. 

3. Window pane green house

Some old windows are just too quaint to throw away. Instead of bringing old windows to the dump, turn them into a greenhouse. That way, when the nights turn cold you’ll have a sheltered place for your delicate plants. 

The shabby chic style is all about putting pleasantly worn items out on display. The weathered look of wood, the peeling paint of a bathtub, or the retro design of a fan can be very attractive! Do you like the idea of vintage chic  projects for the garden? Let me know in the comments section.  Can’t wait to hear from you! 


6 thoughts on “3 Shabby Chic DIY Projects for your Garden”

  1. Cute idea! I want to do this. Did you do anything to weatherized this? I have seen where people have used regular ceiling fans on their front porch and he plays warped. How has this held up?

  2. I really would love to do the fan flower. Could direct us to the author of this project and maybe they could give a better detail for completion. Thanks

    • I would love to know how it is mounted on the post to be able to spin with the wind.

      • I drilled a hole in the post and fit the tongue of the ceiling fan through the whole, held it with a huge bolt – it was tricky

  3. Are there directions on how to do the ceiling fan yard art? I have taken apart the fan and removed the motor. Now I am not sure what goes in front of the piece that holds the blades. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

  4. I just got my installed and love it… my question is how do you protect the blades? I assume they will not hold up well in the weather and need to be replaced yearly? PLS ADVISE


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