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34 Tips to Thrift Store Shop Like a Pro! (Pass On to Newbies!)

So many vintage stores!!! Is yours one of the chosen few selected for the e-book, the 100 Best Vintage Shops Online?

Since there are literally thousands of shops across dozens of online marketplaces , it can be overwhelming to navigate this specialized world. Plus, with the tools to open a shop more accessible than ever, new ones are born everyday. Where does a gal even start?

Well, you can start with this e-book. If you’re looking to browse for what catches your eye or are in need of something more specific, like the perfect pair of shoes, these 100 top shops offer the best, saving you the hassle of weeding through the fly-by-night sellers.

For the *first time* in one place, you can easily find the best shops for:

34 Tips to Thrift Store Shop Like a Pro! (Pass On to Newbies!)
– Your style taste
– Your budget
– Your favorite era
– Your specific shopping needs

What you’ll find inside:

– Beautiful photography: 400+ images of amazing vintage garments and accessories
– Interactivity: 350 links to shops, resources and social media
– Magazine quality layouts: 100 profiles of the most trusted and established shops
– Simple navigation: Clickable table of contents
– Plus: 22 expert resources for styling, fashion history, vintage shopping tips and more!

The shops on 
– Etsy
– eBay
– & Independent shops.

Also the best in..

– Jewelry
– Bags
– Footwear
– Eyewear
– Hats
– Bridal
– Designer
– Style Steals
– Large Selection
– ’80s& ’90s
– Mid-century
– Pre-’30s

Fun factoids, historical anecdotes, insider wisdom and personal stories like:

– Where Taylor Swift shops vintage
– Mad Men’s go-to source for barware
– The cheapest shop on eBay with bids starting at just .99 cents
– How Chanel revolutionized jewelry in the ’20s
– The many ways vintage inspires designers today
– Why hats lost their fashion influence in the ’60s
– Who invented designer labels
– Which seller appeared on reality TV this year
– The vintage maven not afraid to land in jail for her looks
– The era that flatters any woman’s body no matter her size

These shops have been evaluated for having the:

– Best Garment Quality
– Best Selection
– Best Customer Service
– Best Photography
– Best Social Media

So when you get that vintage craving – regardless if you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro – this is your go-to guide for vintage shopping made easy!!

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