My SEO Smackdown Class: How to Attract Customers to Your Etsy Shop

by Sammy in Comment — Updated December 12, 2023

3 Things I've Learned About Life from Vintage

Here’s how 45 minutes with me can attract new customers to your Etsy shop … the easy way. 

“Where my customers at??”

If you’re a seller on Etsy asking yourself this question on a regular basis, keep reading.

A shop can’t be “found” by users of Etsy unless it’s SEO-optimized. 

What’s SEO you ask? It’s the process of writing your shop description, about page, titles, listing descriptions and more so that they include the best keywords allowing for the greatest amount of potential eyeballs landing on your listings and exploring your shop to see what else you have for sale.

In other words, an SEO-optimized site = a shop which buying customers find … without you having to tweet, Facebook, Instagram or send a single smoke signal about it.

That’s why I’m offering a class on Pop Expert for all Etsy sellers to learn the ins and outs of SEO so that their shops can rank in the first pages of search, retain customers for engaged shoppers and be found by buying-customers looking for their products.My SEO Smackdown Class: How to Attract Customers to Your Etsy Shop 2


3 Things I've Learned About Life from Vintage

Book SEO Smackdown on Pop Expert now >>

Use coupon code “BecomeYourDream” for 15% off SEO SMACKDOWN! 

I promise you’ll be 45 minutes closer to vintage selling success on Etsy. 


3 Things I've Learned About Life from Vintage

The online vintage shop of D&J Vintage on Etsy 

1.) Do you feel like you’re doing everything right in your Etsy shop, but you just aren’t getting enough views to convert lookers into actual customers?

2.) You’re consistently listing new vintage items and attract a lot of eyeballs right away, but then the traffic stutters, fades and disappears?

3.) You do everything and anything you can via social media to drive traffic to your shop – but no one seems to care, much less want to buy

4.) You’re constantly complaining this is a “slow” month for sales … until you realize it’s been “a slow month” for the past six.

If you’re selling quality vintage goods that are presented and communicated with professionalism – but one or all of the above feel applicable to your situation – chances are your shop isn’t optimized for SEO (search engine optimization).

But that’s OK! SEO is easy to learn and quick to implement – that is, if you know exactly what to do.


3 Things I've Learned About Life from Vintage

How to Get More Customers Through Search

Skip reading boring guides to SEO and wasting time figuring out the game yourself. I offer a thorough, concise and understandable 45 minute video session breaking down everything you need to know about SEO to maximize pageviews to your Etsy shop.

I want you to have time to do what you love (find, mend and style vintage clothing!) and stop performing research that gets you no where and worst yet, little to no tangible results.

There’s no need to “write” down notes. You can type them as I lead the call using Pop Expert’s note taking tool. All notes are saved in your profile for access … forever.


3 Things I've Learned About Life from Vintage

1950s Plaid Playsuit from D&J Vintage on Etsy 

*45 minute video call with Sammy of Sammy Davis Vintage, whose mission is to “spread vintage love” by helping secondhand sellers monetize their fashion dreams online

*A live & on-the-spot detailed analysis of your Etsy shop, focusing on how to SEO-optimize your shop description, about page, titles, tags, internal links and listing descriptions for increased pageviews on Etsy and Google

*A “before” and “after” walk through of re-writing and re-listing a pre-existing product listing (which you will be asked to “re-list” for a small fee on Etsy)

*How-to use your shop stats to analyze traffic results and trends

*A copy of The 100 Best Vintage Shops Online e-book, emailed to you before the call

*The opportunity to ask Sammy specific questions related to search engine optimization within Etsy and the Google platforms

*A huge digital hug!


3 Things I've Learned About Life from Vintage

After implementing these SEO best practices within your shop, you’ll get …

*Increased views to your Etsy shop via Etsy search on specific keywords and categories

*Traffic between various products in your Etsy shop

*Engagement with products – favoriting & promotion via social media

*Increased views through Google search and the Etsy/Google product ads

*Attraction of customers looking to not just look … but buy your products

Not convinced SEO Smackdown is for you?

Read this success story from Etsy vintage shop By Cin By Hand. The proof is in the numbers! 

3 Things I've Learned About Life from Vintage

After implementing SEO best practices to her shop: 

<< Registered 30% increase in pageviews within 1 day
<< Sold 9 items within 1 week
<< Increased views via Google search from approximately 10 views per day to approximately 15 views per day
<< Increased views via Etsy category searches “vintage,” “jewelry” and “men’s”

“I can say that the adjustments have made it simpler for the focused shopper to find what specific thing they want.”  – Cinthia of By Cin By Hand Vintage 

3 Things I've Learned About Life from Vintage

Book SEO Smackdown on Pop Expert now >>

Use coupon code “BecomeYourDream” for 15% off SEO SMACKDOWN! 


3 Things I've Learned About Life from Vintage

“Need a new direction or makeover for your vintage business? Sammy’s knowledge & expertise is what you need to succeed and grow! My “Clarity” session was packed with insights, inspiration, ideas that I didn’t know existed! I now have a clear direction and plan to grow my business and keep it fresh! Why are you waiting? Get a strong foothold in the vintage market! Consult with Sammy and make it real, make it your success!”

– Elizabeth Scheinbart,  The Vintage Mistress

3 Things I've Learned About Life from Vintage

“The value I received exceeded the monetary cost. Sammy was utterly prepared for our call. She communicated with me several times before the call and came to it familiar with me and MY business. Her consultation was focused on my stated objectives which I really appreciated. She provided me with strategic and tactical suggestions and coached me through some fear issues. This is not one size fits all consulting. I plan to incorporate regular consultations with her into my business practice.”

– Michele McGlone, Gollum Vintage 

3 Things I've Learned About Life from Vintage

“Sammy’s vintage knowledge and expertise on the ways of building a business in the vintage field far surpassed my expectations! Sammy gave me more advice in thirty minutes and shaved off months of personal struggle in having to dig for the answers myself. Her powerful positivity is contagious! I highly recommend Sammy Davis to any individual needing that extra kick to their career wether just starting out or running on all cylinders! Her advice and connections are priceless!”

– Emily Owen, Virgin Vintage 

3 Things I've Learned About Life from Vintage

“I absolutely loved talking with Sammy. She is not only fun and easy to talk with, but she has so much knowledge! I can say hands down that this call was a great investment for my business. Sammy took time before the call to become familiar with my store and made sure that every second of our call was jam packed with information and tips. After speaking with her, I feel clear and confident on what I can do to improve my sales. I recommend her without hesitation. I know I’ll be calling again!”

– Lara Sturgis, Locapoxie Vintage 


3 Things I've Learned About Life from Vintage

Vintage clothing available from D&J Vintage 

Sammy Davis is a vintage fashion expert whose informative website and popular videos bring the wonders of  vintage fashion to the contemporary woman. Sammy’s involvement over the past decade has grown from selling vintage clothing out of the “trunk of her car” at The Brooklyn Flea to operating  A Little Wicked, a leading New York City vintage boutique.

Sammy’s worked with the industry’s top leaders, including Goodwill, Salvation Army,  Housing Works, eBay, Etsy, The Manhattan Vintage Show (the largest vintage show in the US) and Artists & Fleas as well as serving as panelist for various events, including the Independent Fashion Blogger’s annual fashion week convention.

A passion for vintage shopping has connected her to nearly every single vintage store in Manhattan, inspiring her to also serve as spokesperson for New York City vintage shopping. She’s been featured on the Nate Berkus Show, My Fox NY, USA Today and in the book Wearable Vintage Fashion. She’s also written for Huffington Post, Time Out New York, AOL StyleList and contributed features to leading vintage fashion blogs. Her ebook  The 100 Best Vintage Shops Online is now available on Lulu and

Sammy has a magazine journalism degree from Temple University, where she co-founded the university’s only campus magazine and was a 2006 recipient of the New York Women in Communications “Glamour Magazine” scholarship, as featured on Good Morning America and awarded at the Matrix Awards at the Waldorf-Astoria. She’s written for, Time Out NY, and has reported for SELF, Glamour and Life & Style magazines.

Born and raised in the small-town community of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Sammy moved to New York City in 2008 to pursue a career in fashion journalism where her passion to help women feel their best inspired her to create Sammy Davis Vintage.


3 Things I've Learned About Life from Vintage

Pop Expert is a San Francisco start-up with the mission to connect students to teachers and teachers to students in the fields of “life, work & play” around the world.

The video-based platform allows anyone – anywhere! – to meet for coursework in whatever area of interest they desire, from guitar lessons, meditation, life coaching, nutrition counseling and of course … vintage fashion expertise.

Check out the platforms About page for more information, and don’t forget to follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

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3 Things I've Learned About Life from Vintage

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