How To Negotiate For The Price You Want

by Bonnie in , Comment — Updated December 12, 2023

How To Negotiate For The Price You Want 9

Think of the price tag on the piece of clothing that you pick up off of the consignment rack as a suggestion. That price is based on the seller’s assessment of what the piece of clothing is worth, but experienced shoppers know that how to negotiate. If you’ve never tried negotiating your way out of high price, let me tell you the secrets that will have you walking out of the store with a new favorite sweater in your bag and a smile on your face. Here’s how it works.

Use Your Poker Face

How To Negotiate For The Price You Want

You might be tempted to squeal out-loud when you find a designer purse racked among frumpy generic bags. You know you’ve found a treasure, but don’t show it! Keep all of your excitement on the inside, and remain calm as you add the purse to your card.

Examine The Goods For Damage

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Since you are going to ask the shop owner to knock the price of your coveted item down, you need to have some reasoning lined up to back up your request. Your reasons need to be related to the item itself — not to your own personal desires. For instance, “I noticed that this purse has a tear in the bottom left pocket,” is better than “I only have fifteen dollars with me today.”

Leave Your Number

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If you are dealing with a cashier who doesn’t have bargaining power, than you may be presenting your reasoning to deaf ears. If the cashier gives you a blank stare and says “I just work here”, be prepared to leave your name and number and a little note for the shop owner.

The owner, or possibly a manager, is the person that you want to talk to. They understand the importance of keeping goods moving through the store, so you are much more likely to find success with them. Imagine how fun it will be to get a call while you are sitting in your cubical, saying that the purse is yours for just the price you wanted!

Know When To (Pretend To) Walk Away

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If the shop owner stays firm on the price, you might have to go go through with the rest of your purchase, and then walk out of the store. See if they agree to a last minute deal when they see you walking away. If not, you can always pop back in five minutes later and say you changed your mind. It was worth a shot!

Negotiation is a powerful skill in life. Whether your angling for the last piece of cake, or a better price on a house, the skill is bound to come in handy. Don’t wait until you are facing a really high pressure situation. Start small, with your vintage finds. You’ll save money and gain a valuable talent in the mean time! Have you ever tried negotiating a price, whether at a thrift shop, tag sale, or flea market? Tell your story in the comments below!

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