3 Shabby Chic DIY Projects for your Garden

by Bonnie in , 4 Comments — Updated January 10, 2020
3 Shabby Chic DIY Projects for your Garden 3
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Are you excited about shabby chic DIY projects? I know I am. I think it’s a fun way to put worn, dated items out on display in a cute, pleasing way. Instead of throwing out old ceiling fans, faded wood, and rusted tin buckets, we can re-purpose them. Here are three DIY projects that give worn out items a stylish new life! 

1. Ceiling fan into garden decor

Turn a ceiling fan into a pretty decoration by painting the fan blades, and fastening it to a post of wood. When the wind blows, the blades will turn! It’s a fun way to add a spash of color into your yard or garden. 

2. Bathtub flower bed

Beautiful claw-foot tubs make great garden beds. Place one behind a shallow bed to add an extra level. Fill with flowers that will overflow and drape over the edges, for a romantic, charming look. 

3. Window pane green house

Some old windows are just too quaint to throw away. Instead of bringing old windows to the dump, turn them into a greenhouse. That way, when the nights turn cold you’ll have a sheltered place for your delicate plants. 

The shabby chic style is all about putting pleasantly worn items out on display. The weathered look of wood, the peeling paint of a bathtub, or the retro design of a fan can be very attractive! Do you like the idea of vintage chic  projects for the garden? Let me know in the comments section.  Can’t wait to hear from you! 


4 thoughts on “3 Shabby Chic DIY Projects for your Garden”

  1. Cute idea! I want to do this. Did you do anything to weatherized this? I have seen where people have used regular ceiling fans on their front porch and he plays warped. How has this held up?

  2. I really would love to do the fan flower. Could direct us to the author of this project and maybe they could give a better detail for completion. Thanks

    • I would love to know how it is mounted on the post to be able to spin with the wind.

  3. Are there directions on how to do the ceiling fan yard art? I have taken apart the fan and removed the motor. Now I am not sure what goes in front of the piece that holds the blades. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


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