Episode 3 // Sammy D TV // Feb. 11th, 2010

by Sammy in Comment — Updated March 30, 2024

sammy davis of sammy davis vintage

Full disclosure:

-I did NOT fix my tripod. My head is STILL cut off.
-I say ‘um’ a lot because I was feeling sort of tired. Sorry guys!
-I flash the camera … a lot. Sorry, again.

Points of review:
-Why you should go to freshprincenyc2010.com & get a ticket to the FANTASTIC 90s-themed event & fundraiser for Hip Hop 4 Life
-Why stone wash denim & Zubaz rock for 90s fashion
-Why I owe special thanks to Shannon Flannigan & Ciara Walker
-Why you should go to freshprinceofnyc2010.com RIGHT NOW & get your tickets before March 1st!

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