Discover Your Signature 70’s Outfits – Black Women Exclusive

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Women in the 70s contributed largely to the fashion trends witnessed then, including the current trends.

The period between the 1960s and 1970s was largely characterized by revolutions around the fight against racism.

The black people fought to be accepted as a definition of beauty so that color would not dictate beauty.

This resulted in black women stepping up to take a front position in music, work, and leadership.

Their dressing in such positions made the black women stand out confidently, influencing the fashion trends generally.

Look at the style icons and how you can rock the 70s outfit even today.

Discover Your Signature 70's Outfits - Black Women Exclusive 25

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Key Takeaway

  • The 1960s and 1970s saw significant social revolutions, particularly in the fight against racism.
  • Black women emerged as leaders in music, work, and fashion during this period, challenging societal norms and influencing trends.
  • Style icons like Diana Ross, Pam Grier, Mary Wilson, Grace Jones, and even Michelle Obama played pivotal roles in shaping fashion in the 1970s.
  • Black women in the ’70s embraced bold and empowering outfits, including sequin jumpsuits, leather minis, maxi dresses, and chunky heels.
  • Key fashion elements included disco fashion, Afro-centric styles, Bohemian chic, and Glam Rock.
  • The legacy of black women in fashion extends beyond wearing stylish outfits; they also played roles in design and innovation.
  • Fashion served as a powerful means for black Americans and Africans to express empowerment and address racial tensions.
  • Today, individuals can draw inspiration from the bold and diverse styles of the 1970s, incorporating elements like sequins, vibrant colors, and bold patterns into their wardrobes.

The Style Icons

Check out some awesome 70’s fashion made just for Black women.

We’ll explore iconic outfits and help you find your own cool ‘70s style.

Get ready to celebrate these fashion pioneers and rock those retro vibes with us!

Diana Ross

Discover Your Signature 70's Outfits - Black Women Exclusive 27

Credits: @brad64h / Pinterest

Diana Ross took a great part in revolutionizing fashion in the 1970s with non-apologetic fashion tastes.

She loves rocking sequin jumpsuits and slim gowns. Most of her gowns had a thigh-high slit which she perfectly marched with her voluminous hair.

This icon graced the disco floors with her beautiful glam, influencing most black women to copy her.

Pam Grier

Discover Your Signature 70's Outfits - Black Women Exclusive 29

Credits: @racked / Pinterest

Pam Grier is one woman who knew how to use her beauty and glam to achieve whatever she wanted, hence influencing black women to have a goal-oriented lifestyle.

This 70s Femme Fatale took part as a character in Foxy Brown’s movie with a role that portrayed her as an empowered woman.

Her dressing signature of leather minis, hip-hanging flares, and gold hoops impacted the black women’s outfits.

Mary Wilson

Discover Your Signature 70's Outfits - Black Women Exclusive 31

Credits: @gettyimages / Pinterest

Mary Wilson, a founding member of the Supremes, understood fashion design so well that she recorded everything in her book, the Supreme Glamour.

She did one of the best gowns with her teammates, which still puts her name on the list regarding black women’s outfits.

She was an open-minded artist who would dress for the occasion without being fixed on a single style.

Grace Jones

Discover Your Signature 70's Outfits - Black Women Exclusive 33

Credits: @i_D / Pinterest

Grace Jones, an American-born singer, was known for breaking barriers regarding dressing and fashion.

She was bold and would unapologetically borrow men’s styles and mix them with women’s styles to combine them.

She showed that one can break societal beliefs and expectations but still achieve much.

She would, in most cases, go for sequined hot shorts and some massive cuff bracelets.

Michelle Obama

Discover Your Signature 70's Outfits - Black Women Exclusive 35

Credits: @instyle / Pinterest

Michelle Obama’s entry into the white house put her into the spotlight to influence black women.

And though she wasn’t particularly a 70s icon, she brought modern elegance into fashion.

Her designers were Narciso Rodriguez and Jason Wu, who tirelessly ensured that Michelle always made a unique, elegant appearance.

What Were Black Women Wearing in the 70s?

It was during the 70s that black women realized that they mattered and advocated for their acceptance.

In communicating their boldness and elegance, the following outfits became common:

Crop Tops and Disco Fever

Discover Your Signature 70's Outfits - Black Women Exclusive 37

Credits: @denisemichelesartin / Pinterest

Crop tops were mostly adorned during the disco nights by black women.

It had a way of revealing black women’s soft, attractive melanin skin.

The crowding on the dance floors would make the women forget about the cold.

This outfit spread so much that it would then be pointed out in other forums, explaining why crop tops are still a thing in 2023.

Leather Jackets

Discover Your Signature 70's Outfits - Black Women Exclusive 39

Credits: @nymag / Pinterest

The rock ‘n’ roll began to thrive in the 70s. It was characterized by the leather jackets, which became popular among the legends with unisex potential witnessed.

Legends like Joan Jett, Debbie Harry, and Patti Smith rocked unisex leather jackets.

During the 70s, leather jackets were relatively highly priced, but they came down after some time, giving most black women a platform to have them.

Floppy Hats

In the 1960s, Edward Mann designed floppy hats for Emma Peel and Diana Rigg, which they used to act in the cult 60s, The Avengers.

This influenced black women to try such outfits.

The floppy hats were, however, only popular in the 1970s when other designers came up and made leather jackets in different styles like boho chic fully available in the market.

Knee Boots

Discover Your Signature 70's Outfits - Black Women Exclusive 41

Credits: @sheenresistance/ Pinterest

Knee boots were mostly put on alongside short skirts.

They were available in all colors and materials, although most women preferred suede and leather materials in black and brown colors.

Black women would also have boots with skinny trousers. Well, they were not only attractive but also warm and comfortable.

Chunky Heels

Chunky heels were the most attractive dancing queen essentials, especially during the disco dances that were common in the 1970s.

They were both elegant and comfortable, so black women would stay on them as long as the party was on.

Inner Afro

The dressing was not complete with only clothing. The hairstyle that women went for also mattered.

Most black women were very voluminous and kinky, making the best afro hairstyle.

It made this hairstyle very popular among black women, which they could rock with any dress code.

Maxi Dresses

The black women in the 70s understood the beauty of flowing elegance, so most opted for maxi dresses.

A maxi dress refers to any dress long to the foot length. They showed some respect and were mostly done on special occasions where culture dictated that they were decent.

They could also have an above-the-thigh slit, especially on the straight maxi dresses, to make them presentable on any other occasion, including hosting or leading a community dance or presenting a hippie style.

Disco Dresses

Discover Your Signature 70's Outfits - Black Women Exclusive 43

Credits: @ninelivesbazaar1 / Pinterest

The 70s was the major season when disco erupted. Many musicians and artists who dominated the dance floor wore dresses with shimmer and shine.

Well, this was attractive, and so attracted most black women as it would portray their boldness in advocating for their rights.

The shimmer and shine dresses having such an origin were then named disco dresses.

Flower Crowns

The use of flower crowns to complement an outfit can be dated back to the 70s when hippies started having them to demonstrate their love for nature and their deliberate desire for peace even as they worked towards celebrating their freedom from racism.

Some black women even drew flowers on their faces; others had artificial or fresh crowns.

Creating Your 70s Style: Embracing Trends

@two.and.two.halves It was retro day at my workplace!! #70s #70sfashion ♬ original sound – Two and Two Halves

The 1970s brought a mix of bold fashion trends that still inspire today. To capture the essence of the ’70s in your style, consider these iconic trends:

  • Disco Fashion: Get ready for glitz and glamour with disco fashion. Think sequins, metallics, and wide-legged pants. Bold colors and patterns are a must. Whether it’s a sequined jumpsuit or platform shoes, go big and make a statement.
  • Afro-centric Styles: Celebrate cultural diversity with Afro-centric fashion. Embrace bold prints, vibrant colors, and statement accessories. Incorporate items like dashikis, kaftans, and wide-brimmed hats to reflect the rich cultural influences of the ’70s.
  • Bohemian Chic: Embrace a laid-back, free-spirited vibe with Bohemian chic. Flowing maxi dresses, fringed vests, and wide-brimmed hats are key. Use natural fabrics, earthy tones, and intricate patterns to capture the boho feel. Suede, crochet, and fringe details add an authentic touch.
  • Glam Rock: For an edgier look, dive into Glam Rock. Think bold makeup, platform boots, and extravagant clothing with sequins and studs. Leather jackets, metallic accents, and androgynous styles define this trend. Experiment with unconventional pairings and bold makeup to capture the rebellious spirit.

Mix and match elements from these trends to create your unique ’70s style.

Express your individuality while paying tribute to a decade that continues influencing fashion.

Whether dancing with disco flair or embracing laid-back vibes, the ’70s offers endless inspiration for making a stylish statement.

Style Tips and Inspiration

Discover Your Signature 70's Outfits - Black Women Exclusive 45

Credits: @thediscomag / Pinterest

It is practical to be influenced when looking for that unique style and a timeless little dress for that occasion. Give us a chance to inspire you through these renowned simple styles:

  • Have Billie’s look by adorning long gowns, gloves, and a gardenia, and occasionally try a fur coat, ponytail, and sunglasses.
  • Get inspired by off-the-shoulder gowns and bring Bianca Jagger’s spirit alive
  • Do you need trousers for women for city and country wear? Yves Saint Laurent is the plug.
  • Christian Dior also left us one of the common fashion houses, the Dior. This is where you can get nearly any black African women’s outfit design you can imagine.

The Legacy of Black Women in Fashion

The black women left a legacy in fashion that can never be forgotten.

Legends like Florence Ballard, a renowned black American singer, played a role in empowering black women by being a founding member of Motown’s vocal female group, the Supremes, which brought women singers together.

Most of the women were black, so their empowerment to success influenced other women to imitate them.

Fashion is the major thing that they imitated.

The gowns used by this singing group were designed by Bob Mackie in most cases, who became popular in making more to other women, hence the signature outfit of gowns.

Black Women in the Fashion Industry

A lot of innovators and pioneers in the fashion industry were black women. They did not just rock on elegant outfits but also got involved in the design.

For instance, Ann Lowe is believed to be the first black fashion designer highlighted by the Ohio State University College of Education and Human Ecology’s Historical Costumes and Textile Collection.

She also did the iconic Jacqueline Kennedy’s wedding gown for her bridal team.

Another designer was Lois Alexander Lane, who founded the Herlem Institute of Fashion and the Black Fashion Museum,

In the 1960s, there were no proper records, so designers and innovators would always start their work from scratch.

This meant a lot of work and slower development. However, in the 70s, there was a lot of record keeping, and the show of the designs during the disco events was attended majorly by black women.

Many barriers were broken as black women would now be comfortable in their fashion and feel accepted regardless of color.

Navigating Racial Tension

Discover Your Signature 70's Outfits - Black Women Exclusive 47

Credits: @evolvingblackwoman / Pinterest

Fashion played a significant role in addressing racial tensions.

Black Americans and Africans used fashion as an expression of empowerment since they had been discriminated against and enslaved due to their color.

Therefore, the fashion we enjoy today is a result of African and black Americans realizing that color had nothing to do with achieving one’s goals.



What I would wear in 70s. Inspo: black women

♬ Smooth Operator (Single Version) – Sade

Imagine stepping back into the awesome 1970s and letting its cool fashion inspire your style! The ’70s greatly impacted fashion, introducing trends that were not just liked but totally celebrated.

Now, here’s the fun part – you can bring back that ’70s vibe in your own way!

Picture yourself in outfits made to capture that unique 1970s feel. It’s not just about clothes; it’s about embracing a culture that loves being different.

From disco glam to Afro-centric styles, laid-back Bohemian chic to edgy Glam Rock – the ’70s had it all, and you can be the boss of your own retro-cool collection.

So, get ready for a style adventure! Dive into the ’70s scene, where fashion was a bold movement.

Let your wardrobe tell a story that echoes the spirit of a time that wasn’t afraid to stand out.

The ’70s are calling – are you ready to answer with a fab outfit?

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