’70s Green Maxi Dress Accessorized 3 Ways

by Sammy in 5 Comments — Updated February 5, 2020

1970s green maxi dress

Maxi dresses are like the best fashion friends you’ve always wanted, but never knew you could easily have!

Owning a maxi dress is like having a BFF in your closet because you can just grab, dress and GO! out your door without fashion worry, pairing it with standby accessories and whatever shoes function best for the fabulousness of your day.

The “maxi” was born circa the 1970s in response to the revealing mini skirt of ’60s fashion. The ready-to-wear function of the dress caught on in popularity as the era embraced the new trend of casual fashion. The ’70s maxi normally fell to a woman’s ankles, so many of the vintage styles you see are a few inches shorter than the contemporary ones sold in stores today.

Since maxi dresses are such a style staple, I wanted to share a real-life example of how you can wear a maxi dress and accessorize the body-length piece without looking overdone.

Keep reading after the jump to see how Fajr of Stylish Thought maximized the wear of her ’70s green maxi for day and night activities with easy accessory tweaks!

The ultimate vintage maxi should speak to your vintage style personality — whether it’s a favorite cut, color or patterned maxi dress or a style specific to a particular decade — there’s a maxi that’s truly a “MAXImum” asset for you!

Do you own a maxi dress already? I want to hear what it looks like!!

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xx, SD

Get the Green Maxi Dress Look

3 different green vintage maxi dresses

(1) Trapeze Maxi Dress – $49 / (2) Mod Maxi Dress – $40 / (3) Medallion Print Maxi Dress – $48

To get Stylish Thought’s maxi dress style, you’ve gotta go green or go home!

(1) A trapeze style maxi dress has elegant pleating without a constricting waistline. Just belt it up with a gold medallion belt (included) for a fit that flatters and feels good.

(2) To stay green but not be mistaken for the Jolly Green dress, try this mod maxi with green and yellow/white mixed hues that keep you looking fresh without looking like a field of freshly cut grass.

(3) Classic in cut and design, the medallion print maxi is the most suitable for accessorizing with a long necklace and if desired, a wide waist belt in gold or white that complements the colorway of the dress.


1970s green maxi dress worn with 3 sets of accessories

Stylish Thought shows us how she accessorized one of her personal maxi dress favorites from the ’70s three different ways.


1970s maxi dress styled by fashion blogger stylish thought

Accessories: Jewelry & Clutch – Vintage / Pumps – Kelsi Dagger (shown in lead image)

STYLISH THOUGHT says: This dress reminds me of something an old widow would wear lounging around her manison, while sipping champagne and wearing large diamonds.

I took that theme and ran with it, pairing my maxi with a few pieces of vintage jewelry, including a necklace and pair of rhinestone earrings. Then I put on my highest heels and swept my hair to the side. Now all I need is my champagne flute, darling!

SAMMY DAVIS VINTAGE says: I love where your imagination took you while styling this look. I can see that wealthy, widowed diva lounging in this dress with her champagne and berries now!

The touches of vintage jewelry reinforce the intriguing image of your maxi’s potential past life. Now if only we could learn the history of its previous owner to see whether your predictions ring true!


collared floral crop top worn over a 1970s maxi dress

Accessories: Floral Shirt – Vintage / Earrings – Dose of Vitamin F  

STYLISH THOUGHT says: What I love most about maxi dresses is that they’re great layering pieces. Throw a great shirt, cardigan or blazer on top and you have a new outfit!

I added this floral shirt over the dress to create a more fun and summery look. The bold flowers go great with the green bottom and creates a cool separates look.

SAMMY DAVIS VINTAGE says: What I love about this top in particular is that because it’s a vintage print, it feels like it was made for the dress.

The white base of the floral print creates an even better distinction between top and dress, so it appears as if you’re actually just wearing a high-waisted green skirt. Brava!


fashion blogger stylish thought wearing a fedora hat and gold waist tie belt with a green 1970s maxi dress

Accessories: Fedora – H&M /Gold Sash – American Apparel / Heels – Kenneth Cole 

STYLISH THOUGHT says: Maxi dresses are easy summer wear and adding a straw fedora and sandals makes this dress perfect for a cool summer’s eve.

I added a gold sash belt to complement the orange and gold tones in the top half of the dress and to accentuate my waist. I imagine wearing this look to a romantic rooftop dinner. A girl can dream!

SAMMY DAVIS VINTAGE says: Like your name says, keep thinking those stylish thoughts and your dreams will come true, Miss Thought!

You’ve accessorized your look with high-low pieces: The straw fedora hat is very cool ‘n casual (low), while the gold sash could be used to brighten up a more formal look, too (high).

Good call on the jeweled heels — you could have gone high or low with your shoe choice, but I prefer some height to elevate this look to great heights and onto that rooftop of your romantic dreams! ;-)

All Photos Were Shot & Styled by Stylish Thought


Fajr loves vintage “through and through,” she says. About 10% of her wardrobe ISN’T vintage (read: 90% IS) which means this fashion blogger and digital influencer of positive thinking has a lot of vintage maxis in her closet!

“To me, wearing vintage means being unique, creative and having fun with your style,” she says.

Born-and-raised in the city of brotherly love (Philadelphia), 28-year-old Fajr founded Stylish Thought to encourage women to “Dress how you feel, do what you love and become the woman of your dreams,” she explains in her self-love manifesto.

Visit Fajr at Stylish Thought, where you have a permission slip to be yourself because no matter the trends, the highest form of fashion is that of self-confidence!  Share all of your stylish thoughts with her by saying hello on TwitterFacebook.


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  2. Looking good, Fajr!! I love maxi dresses and my hubby loves me in them, too. That’s always a nice bonus. I don’t have a vintage one, but I did just thrift a 100% rayon polka dot beauty that’s waiting to be tweaked.

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  3. Extremely beautiful! I am in love with this vintage dress!


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