4 Easy Vintage Decor Touches For Your Dining Table

by Sammy in , Comment — Updated August 26, 2023

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Many people believe that a vintage aesthetic is difficult to achieve, especially when it comes to decorating their home. But the truth is, with the right eye for decor and a few tasteful items, you can add an obviously vintage flair to your dining area. No need for large renovations, major furniture purchases and shopping sprees. Just look out for these elements and use them to garnish your dining table.

1. Glass-Case Plants: The era for fake flowers should be long over, since even a toddler can identify fake fabric flowers due to their unrealistic colors. Not only is this typical, but can come across as cheap and unoriginal. Contrary to popular belief, you can raise plants indoors, even on the dining table, shielded away from wandering hands and the steam of foodstuffs by a traditional glass case. Purchase a small potted plant and a matching glass case from a decor or hardware store and simply cover it. This will add a dash of nature and class to your dining table.

2. Candelabra: No, your dining table won’t resemble a scene from Dracula (set in a dark, Hungarian castle). Promise. It’s all about choosing the right color of candelabra as well as the thickness of the candles that will fit in it. Choosing a candelabra painted in a light hue (cream, light grey or even pastels) can add an old-world feel to your table, especially when paired with thin candle sticks. For a more simple look, you can opt for a single candle candelabra. Candelabras are a trend at the moment with interior designers and continue to be an inspiration for lighting designs.

3. Lanterns: The key is to not get lanterns that are too large for your dining table surface, but other than that, decorating with lanterns is a quick but elegant touch. Square glass or paper lanterns in the right size are your best bet, and you can place candles inside for a source of warm lighting for your dining area. If there are kids at the table however, it would be wiser to stick with light bulbs or fake candles to eliminate the risk of fire. Otherwise, you can simply place a candle inside for decor and not light it at all.

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4. Mason Jar Vases: No matter what anyone else says, it is undeniable that Mason jars have been a staple in many Western households over the decades. They’re strong, iconic and can be painted and designed. Now there are many versions of the Mason jar, simply pick one that is big enough for your dining table and use it to hold your fresh flowers (or even as a diffuser). If the original, clear version is too bland for you, you can always paint it yourself in whatever color you prefer to match your table and dining area.

Whether you’re scouring decor stores or going thrift shopping, keep an eye out for these items. They are guaranteed to change the atmosphere of your dining room when placed at the right spot, or even combined with each other. You can always go a step further and get dining chairs online that have a more vintage design. Watch your dining table transform and transport you to another, much more older time.

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