How to Add Vintage Pieces in Your Kitchen

by Nicole in Comment — Updated August 26, 2023

How to Add Vintage Pieces in Your Kitchen 9

So, it’s time to change the look of your kitchen, and you’re wondering about some ways to mix in a few vintage pieces. It’s a great look! Here are some ideas that might get those inspirational juices flowing.


You probably have a pretty good idea of the overall look that you’re going for. Think about the colors that you want to incorporate when you are deciding on the items to add to your decorating theme. With vintage pieces, while you can see a lot of different shades of brown, you will also see some vibrantly colored pieces as well. It’s all about the colors that you want to see. 

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Old-Style Appliances

If you have the space in your kitchen, adding a vintage stove or antique ice box will make a bold statement. Or, there are smaller appliances that are retro-styled for a vintage look. Think about a brightly colored stand-up mixer or a stainless-steel toaster. You get the idea. 


If you like vintage furniture, you’ll have no problem finding some great pieces for your kitchen. Tables, chairs, sideboards, hutches, you name it, it’s out there. You can turn your kitchen into a vintage wonderland with unique furniture such as 60s style diner pieces, or you can have a few signature pieces to set the tone. 

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Vintage rugs are also an ideal way to add a little rustic charm to your kitchen. They’re not only beautiful, but they’re make to last. They’ve made it this far, right?

Noodle Board

Back when everything was made from scratch, a noodle board was essential in every kitchen. Made of wood, with low edges on three of the sides, it was used to make breads and, of course, noodles. The surface was big enough to allow all of the muscle work involved with dough making, and the sides would catch the flour overflow.

Noodle boards are usually about the same size as your stove-top, making them a perfect vintage compliment for your kitchen. They add a decorative and functional touch to your kitchen, often being used as coffee bars, cutting boards, or even for simple kitchen organizing.

Tobacco Baskets

Used by fieldworkers many years ago, these large, square baskets are actually beautifully intricate pieces of art. Often handmade, the antique baskets were weaved with shorter, sloping sides, perfect for collecting tobacco leaves. Now, they look amazing as a historic work art hanging on your kitchen wall.

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In the olden times, they were used to keep food fresh. You can find them in various sizes, colors, and shapes. They’re another functional piece of history that you can add to your kitchen, using them for storage. Smaller ones can be used on counter-tops for utensils. You could even have larger ones on the floor for umbrellas.

Hopefully, these things get your imagination going. The possibilities are really endless. If you find a vintage piece that you like, take a good look at from a different perspective. It just might be the perfect fit for your new “vintage-a-fied” kitchen.


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