Top Five Most Wanted Vintage Clothing Items

by Nicole in 4 Comments — Updated January 3, 2024

As with most items, a lot of vintage clothing tends to fall out of demand from time to time. However, some vintage clothing items are always on the wanted list because it just never goes out of style. Because these favorites are always on someone’s list, they tend to be a bit higher than your average beloved items. The rarer the clothing, the higher the cost. Nonetheless, vintage clothing can be worn and reworn, sold and resold, over and over. If you are wondering which clothing items are the most popular, here are the top five most wanted vintage clothing items.

#1 Denimwear

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From the forties to the eighties, vintage denim is super in demand right now: dresses, skirts, shirts, jeans, and, of course, jackets. Even quirky denim vests can get the nod right now. All denim items are hot, but if you want an item that is unique or rare, you might have to pay top dollar. Even damaged jackets are going for as high as fifty dollars, so pieces in excellent condition can definitely relieve you of a couple hundred dollars. Pre-eighties and eighties pieces seem to be what’s on top of most vintage denim lists right now, especially Levi’s, but the most expensive are fifties Levi’s – one recently sold for over a thousand dollars! Here’s a Pinterest link with lots of vintage denim ideas.

#2 Bohemian and Hippy Chic

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These styles may have went out of fashion for a bit, but they’ve came back with a blast! Vintage clothing from the late sixties and early seventies has a huge following right now. These looks can easily be incorporated into current boho chic looks, adding a vintage air to the entire outfit. Unfortunately, these pieces are also hard to find because they sell so quickly. The prices range from small amounts to larger sums, but mostly all are affordable. Check out your local charity clothing shops after people have had time to “spring clean;” it’s one of the best time to find good vintage clothing deals. There are shops which have new vintage boho as well. Check this one out!

#3 Sixties Mod Dresses

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Whether solid colored block mini dresses or graphic print, these sixties era dresses can be found for as little as twenty dollars and rarely more than a hundred. However some rarer mod dresses can go for more, especially if they’re designer brands. If dresses are your thing, check out this site for mod styles as well as others.

#4 Silk Shawls

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Not only can a silk shawl add a little something to a dull outfit, they just feel so good. Coming from the Victorian era, silk shawls are one of the few items that still get top prices. Depending on the condition, the embroidery, and craftsmanship, many of these types of shawls sell for fifty to a hundred dollars (and sometimes even more!). If silk shawls are on your list, check out Etsy; several shops are dedicated to the Victorian shawl. Here are some ideas, too!

#5 Beaded Jazz Era Dresses

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Believe it or not, these types of dresses, depending on style and designer, can go for thousands of dollars. Many are looking for something unique and different for prom this year and these Jazz era dresses fit the bill. Even though lesser known designers and even those dresses without labels are generally worth hundreds of dollars. Again, Etsy has a couple of shops dedicated to these fabulous dresses or get ideas here.

No matter what style clothing that is currently trending, almost everything can be perked up with a vintage item. That dress you’ve worn over and over will look completely different with a vintage silk shawl draped around your shoulders. Dressing casual has never been easier when you can pair your new boho shirt or blouse with your vintage eighties jeans and jean jacket. Not only can vintage wear help make the most of an outfit, but it can also make it fun as well. What is in your closet?

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  1. Thanks for the mention! We have currently restocked our bohemian hippy chic dresses and could agree more that they have come back with a blast! Love this Site!

  2. I am looking to sell the items I have and need appraisal, however, I am homeless no income no Card to go to Just Answer. These pieces are incredible my most valuable treasures that I would like to see in hands of someone who will care for them as they should be. So that they are around for more years of enjoyment.

    • How do I get someone to come and have a look at a lot of vintage sparkling clothes would like to sell as bulk much to good to send to charity shops and too many to sell separate help thank you

  3. Would love to sell many pieces from grandmas who just passed away. Fining many styles from 40’s-80’s dresses, jackets, sweaters, tops, pants shoes, so many things I’m totally lost. But, amazing conditions!! I believe these are worth someone’s time and attention etc…


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