How to Wear Vintage Floral Palazzo Pants

by Sammy in 3 Comments — Updated November 21, 2023

vintage floral palazzo pants sammy davis vintage

Hello and happy modern vintage Monday, everyone!!!

I don’t even know where to begin with the amazingness that was this past weekend, thanks to so many NYC-based vintage and fearless fashionistas who came to speak with me and be styled in vintage from my closet at Saturday’s Blogger Closet Raid!

HUGE shout outs to Page, Deborah, Monroe, Kimberlee, Anna, Elysia, Nicole, Lesley Kat and so many others who came to pay their respects to SPREADING VINTAGE LOVE!

Not only did I get a chance to sell fabulous vintage finds like this studded black dress, navy/white houndstooth jacket and ’60s gold sequin POWER BELT … but I was able to positively chat with everyone who was there, whether I knew them from Facebook/Twitter/YouTube or were just meeting them for the first time.

I love what I do not because of the fabulous fashion or the chance to post pictures/videos of myself on the Internet. Those are the perks. The real substance of “self-style” is the opportunity to connect with all of you … because we inspire one another. I was so inspired at the event this weekend — thank you again to all!

Now, without further ado … it’s time for some modern vintage stylespiration! My photographer and I headed to Central Park for this shoot, taking advantage of the many scenic lakes, bridges, benches and pathways around this urban refuge that I know and love oh-so-well.

Keep reading after the jump to see how I styled the latest trend to hit mainstream stores: Floral. But in these photos, I’m not wearing just any average piece of floral fashion … I’m wearing vintage floral PALAZZO pants, which I’ll share some background on and of course … how to wear for today!

I was recently asked to describe “my style,” and instead of describing it as “indie” or “polished” or “colorful,” I chose to describe it with a few fashion icons who if I could transport back in time, I’d attempt to raid THEIR closets!

I described my style as “Lady Gaga meets Blondie meets Stevie Nicks meets Courtney Love.” What do you guys think? Do I seem to channel the style of these ladies, or am I missing a piece of the puzzle?

Let me know what you think on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr & by emailing me [email protected].

All of your questions are being placed in a “to reply on the blog” folder — I can’t thank you enough for helping me to understand what you need/want/cannot-live-without on Sammy Davis Vintage!

xx, SD


vintage floral palazzo pants sammy davis vintage

THE LOOK: Palazzo pants in a pretty floral of magenta pink, lavender purple and sunflower yellow on a limeade green base

THE INSPIRATION: The latest trend to hit stores for summer: Anything & everything FLORAL.

We saw floral make a comeback for the spring 2011 runways. My favorite floral pieces were from the D&G collection — a girl can never have ENOUGH jumpsuits.

I recently discovered Etro, which many 20-something fashionistas may not be familiar with because it doesn’t have the same name recognition of other designers but has the same, if not greater, influence on mainstream fashion. Etro’s heyday was in the ’70s, much like Halston or even Diane Von Fursternberg.

Dolce & Gabanna, Spring 2011

D&G spring 2011 compared to vintage palazzo pants


Etro, Spring 2011

etro spring 2011 copared to vintage palazzo pants

HOW I STYLED IT: I styled the look so that all attention would be directed to the pants. The top and hat are light in color, thereby directing the eye to the pants and the tiny waist a tucked-in camisole creates.

I deliberately created contrast with my red shoes so that the “ankle length” of the palazzo pants was accentuated, too. Wearing nude would have made the length look awkward and almost by accident because there’s no “POP” end to the pants.

I’m a sucker for matching — and I loved how I matched my fun heart necklace to the shoes, creating connection between my top and bottom pieces.


vintage floral palazzo pants sammy davis vintage

Vintage straw hat with an extra wide brim, sash and faux flowers.

(estimated) ’70s vintage clip-on earrings that look like POP ROCKS!

vintage nautical bag sammy davis vintage

Vintage ’60s nautical “hexagon” bag — a very sturdy bag with a cross body strap and snap clasp

vintage floral palazzo pants sammy davis vintage

Fun (non-vintage!) heart jewelry and chains, paired with a ’90s Victoria’s Secret lingerie camisole (TIP: Vintage lingerie is a girls’ best friend by day, too!) and of course, the vintage palazzo pants, circa early ’90s.

vintage bracelet sammy davis vintage

This cuff-style bracelet was a gift from a friend — my running partner! — and thrifted during her travels in Cambodia.

red pumps sammy davis vintage

New round-toe basic red pumps … next to black, I believe every girl should have a pair of “power color pop pumps” in her closet like these!


sammy davis vintage floral palazzo pants outfit

TO RE-CREATE THIS LOOK: Take note of the floral examples from the D&G & Etro runways above.

Florals on WHITES are not in trend. Its florals on base colors that give this modern trend the one-up to your everyday flower prints.

Look for pieces in vintage & thrift stores with a.) oversize florals b.) on a color base (not white) c.) designed with leaves and d.) in bright colors that aren’t basic, i.e. lavender purple over purple, mustard yellow over yellow, etc.

My marvelous vintage maxi post last week was an example of bright florals on a black base. I commented on how this dress print wasn’t overwhelming because of its cut — if it hadn’t been sleeveless and with a slight scoop neck, that print might have consumed me!

The same idea applies here: Like I did, opt for a floral piece in ONE piece. Not head to toe! And address the rest of your outfit in practical, solid color ways … a white top paired with floral pants, or a button-down sheer blouse with your floral skirt.

My accessories are bright, but they are small enough not to distract away from the pant. If my hat were bright and not this cream straw color, we’d have problems! So when adding another “large” piece (like a sweater or jacket) to florals, work toward something in a solid and neutral tone.

WHERE TO WEAR: Florals are so fabulous for anywhere. Less corporate jobs would welcome floral skirts or even floral pants. Weddings, family get-togethers, brunches and the like are just screaming for the floral style!

I especially like the idea of wear floral palazzo pants, in particular, to work. If you style them with a white blazer and minus the hat of course, you would make a killer impression on your co-workers, totally oogling your style ability to “pull off floral pants.”

But if floral palazzos aren’t your thing, the trend has carried over to shorts, too. You can find a ton of floral shorts a la the ’90s in thrift stores.

These are a much nicer alternative to the DIY cut-off trend. If you want to wear shorts out with friends or to any social gathering, I wouldn’t recommend wearing ripped up jeans … no matter HOW cute I agree they can be!

If you have an idea where to wear floral — ESPECIALLY palazzos like these! — leave me a comment below, or email me a pic of you in your favorite floral piece! xx


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  1. Hi Sammy!

    I was at the Blogger Closet Raid on Saturday and I just wanted say it was lovely to meet you! (Even though you won’t recognize me from my blog, because I keep it anonymous, I promise we did meet! haha)

    xo- M.

  2. You are awesome. It was great to finally meet you and thanks for the SHout Out! Loving my dress and waiting for the perfect occasion to wear it.

    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC

  3. your palazzo pants are very beautiful and you look great in them


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