5 Creative Ways to Re-Use Clip-on Earrings

by Bonnie in , , Comment — Updated January 24, 2020

5 Creative Ways to Re-Use Clip-on Earrings 11

I see it all the time– earrings of all shapes and colors, sometimes single pieces holding mysterious stories behind all that glitz and unique design. What to do with them? Especially if you have pierced ears… to purchase clip-ons may seem like a waste. Keep reading to discover ways to up-cycle stray pieces and sets you find while thrifting!

1. Convert Them for Pierced Ears

5 Creative Ways to Re-Use Clip-on Earrings 13
Source: theconfessionsofaproductjunkie.com

Use wire-cutters to remove the “clip-on” and squeeze that magical industrial strength super glue to new earring posts. Center the posts on the back of those beauties and show off your (most likely) one-of-a-kind vintage jewelry.

2. On Your Vintage Heel

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You can work hard while jazzing it up at the office! If you found a pair of heels that fit perfectly, but are boring to wear– here’s a quick way to make ’em more fashionable. Attach some thrifty clip-on earrings to the vamp, counter or ankle strap and make your own statement!

3. Glamorize Hair Pins

5 Creative Ways to Re-Use Clip-on Earrings 17
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Remove the “clip-on” and glue or wire wrap (the thinner the wire, the better, for delicate projects) those dazzling pearls or diamonds to bobby pins. Use them as an elegant hair accessory to a holiday dinner or gift them to a bride-to-be. Handmade and eye-catching pieces will always to bring attention to those magnificent locks of yours.

4. Bedazzle Your Cozy Hat

I love finding knit hats to stay warm– not having to do my hair saves so much time! I’ve found that I can sew a clip-on to the fabric really easily. Try using big chunky costume-jewelry earrings that really stand-out.  They can be a little tacky, but tacky can be fun when you’re feeling a little eccentric and want to express your weirdness. Of course, for a more classic look, pearl earrings can bring subtle grace to any look.

5. Decorate Clothespins For Hanging Your Photos

5 Creative Ways to Re-Use Clip-on Earrings 19
Source: ourfifthhouse.com

Your home is your space! What better way to adorn your walls with memories representing good times with gal-pals, night-hikes, and mom in the garden nurturing her flowers the way she tenderly cared for you? Tack a string of twine along the wall or inside a framed canvas and clip-on the earrings you found snugly to the base of a small clothespin and display the memories of your heart all over!

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