Wedding Suits for the Groom​: Colors & Materials Guide

by Nicole in Comment — Updated February 24, 2022

If you haven’t been a big fan of suits before becoming engaged, you’ve most likely realized that looking for what you’ll be wearing on your wedding day might be a bit puzzling. Traditional black or gray suits may appear to be the same at first glimpse, but a deeper examination reveals far more intricacy than you may anticipate.

Knowing precisely what you want to wear and what to search for when selecting the appropriate outfit for your wedding day is key. The texture and fabric of the suit for your special day are some of the most crucial considerations. Suits are available in a variety of materials, and the material you choose can reveal a lot regarding your style and the aesthetic you want to achieve.

Wedding Suits for the Groom​: Colors & Materials Guide 5

Choosing the right material for your suit

It might be difficult to choose the correct fabric for your suit, and one approach to make things simpler is to stay inside your comfort zone. You need a suit that feels natural for you at your wedding. There’s a whole variety of materials from which to choose. The following are some examples.

Wool is the most popular suit fabric since it is a natural material that is both airy and wrinkle-free. It is a versatile fabric that can be worn in any season and looks great on practically any occasion. You’re in luck if you reside in Australia as Australian merino sheep provide the highest quality wool in the world. If you live in Sydney, make sure you check out the various varieties of wool wedding suits Sydney has to offer. It’s something you’ll want to wear again and again, even after your wedding.

Wedding Suits for the Groom​: Colors & Materials Guide

Polyester suits may be the best option for people trying to save money on a suit. It is significantly less expensive than other materials because it is constructed of synthetic components. Polyester is also wrinkle-resistant and quick-drying. However, cost savings have drawbacks. Polyester is likely to be far less airy than other suit fabrics and can have a higher shimmer than cotton or linen, which some people don’t find appealing in a suit.

Many wedding trends are becoming more and more popular. For example chambray is a cotton product that looks more relaxed than many other suit fabrics when made into a suit, making it perfect for summertime weddings. This material is light blue and resembles denim in appearance. It has a smooth, light feel that’s ideal for the warm season. Choose silk if you would like your suit to be as elegant as possible as it’s one of the most prestigious and expensive fabrics available. Remember that silk has a glittering appearance and isn’t very airy. It’s better suited to events that take place in the wintertime.

Which color should you choose?

You have a general idea of what you want your suit to look like on your wedding day, but you haven’t decided what you want your complementary garments to be. For you to finish your wedding look, you need to know which color you want your suit to be in. A bright suit will not only make you the first person noticed in your wedding pics, but it will also assist you in bringing your wedding color scheme together. Here are some fantastic suit colors to explore, if you’re searching for a vibrant-colored suit for your proposal photoshoot or a bright combination for the altar.

Wedding Suits for the Groom​: Colors & Materials Guide

Black wedding suits are classy, traditional, and definitely timeless. With this option in your mind, you can never be wrong. Not only it is elegant, but black suits can be matched with everything. Since it goes with any combination, if you don’t think you can match your colorful suit into your wedding day’s outfit, opt for a black suit. The neutrality of the black color, or absence of it, easily complements anything.

On the other hand, colorful wedding suits are great if you are ready to make a statement on your wedding day. This special day is considered a celebration of your and your partner’s styles, so make sure to embrace your true colors. Choose a suit and complementary garments in the colors that match your personality. Mixing tones according to the color wheel combinations with your groomsmen will make your looks unforgettable.

Wedding Suits for the Groom​: Colors & Materials Guide 7

Though style and design are all about subjective definition, and your wedding ceremony is a moment for you to be your most true self, there is one important point to remember when planning your wedding outfit – always remember to have your suit tailored. Bring your suit to your tailor for repairs, even if you bought it at a local retail store as every suit should fit the groom to a T.


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