Using Instagram to Find Inspiration for Your Wedding

by Nicole in , Comment — Updated May 9, 2022

Using Instagram to Find Inspiration for Your Wedding 3

There once was a time when the only wedding inspiration you’d find would be by walking into a florist or attending a wedding and thinking, ‘she has a nice dress.’ In the modern world we live in, we can plan every single detail of our wedding without stepping foot out of our homes. Much like Pinterest, Instagram is a hub of inspiration for brides who feel like tearing their hair out because they’re struggling to put together the pieces of a perfect day. Let’s explore how Instagram can help you create the most memorable wedding day.

Hashtags Will Guide You To Where You Need To Be

Instagram can provide you with a wealth of inspiration if you use the right hashtags. Hashtags are like traffic signals for the digital world – they get you to where you need to be. Some trending hashtags for weddings are; #MicroWeddings, #BarnWeddings, #DestinationWeddings. You could also search for hashtags relating to dresses, suits, flowers, and cakes – you can search for hashtags relating to every step of your big day, and you’ll be inundated with inspiration.

Don’t forget to look for honeymoon inspiration at the same time. There are tons of travel influencers on Instagram who will show you some of the most beautiful parts of the world in stunning Instagram style.

Using Instagram to Find Inspiration for Your Wedding

Create An Instagram-style Photo Book

It’s all well and good looking through endless hashtags and saving them – but it’s an arduous task to go back and forth to scroll through the images you’ve saved to find the best ones. An Instagram photobook puts the images in the palm of your hand in a more ready-to-grab way. Flicking through a book organized to your liking is a control freak’s dream – saved Instagram images aren’t. Don’t forget; you could also use the same service to create a photobook of your special day using all the photos you’ve uploaded to Instagram.

Using Instagram to Find Inspiration for Your Wedding

Message Vendors, Or Even Other Brides And Grooms

Naturally, you’ll want to reach out to vendors and professionals with questions about why you should choose them for your special day. Most vendors will be more than happy to receive your message – but the top tip, a vendor without an Instagram is a red flag. Somewhat unnaturally, you might not have thought about messaging brides and grooms before, but why not?

If you’ve used hashtags to find inspiration and have landed on the page of someone who’s just had the most magical looking day, don’t feel afraid to message them and ask them who they used for flowers, food, or where the venue was. Most people will be more than happy to share the information with you.

Using Instagram to Find Inspiration for Your Wedding

Instagram is full of inspiration for your wedding day. It has become such an integral part of planning special events like weddings that it’s hard to imagine how anyone ever found the inspiration they needed. It’s a platform full of images, videos, and now even social shopping links that make it easier than ever to plan a wedding all from the same platform.


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