3 Thoughtful Ways To Involve Parents In Your Wedding

by Nicole in Comment — Updated May 20, 2022

On your happy day, your parents may feel a mix of emotions seeing their now-adult offspring getting married. Many parents say it is a natural emotion that gets them all teary but for the right reasons. Unfortunately, parents may sometimes feel sidelined during the wedding planning stage, right through to the reception. So, what can you do to ensure they are a crucial part of your special day? With 2.5 million weddings happening annually, it can be pretty busy to organize one, and you’ll need all the help you can get. Here are some ideas to consider if you’re reeling your parents in.

Shopping for wedding accessories together

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The bride-to-be embarks on the wedding shopping spree with close friends and siblings in many instances. Others prefer to do wedding gown shopping with their moms. However, if you have a wedding coming up and have not yet considered shopping with your mom, now may be an excellent time to do so. For the groom-to-be, you may want to do that with your dad. Fathers can be helpful during the selection of wedding ties for the event. You may even opt to wear similarly-styled ties.

While this may seem like strict gender-defined roles, you have the liberty to use one or both parents if it’s your preference. For many parents, shopping together strengthens the filial bond. It is a memory that usually stays with them for a long time. They are constantly reminded of the upcoming nuptials, which signify a new stage in their children’s lives. Therefore, this activity helps calm their nerves. More importantly, the shopping activity may remind them of their own weddings, and they may share some memories.

Both parents can walk the bride down the aisle

Traditionally, the bride’s father is responsible for walking the bride down the aisle. He walks her up to the waiting groom and hands the bride over. This ‘transfer’ signifies the trust he has reposed in his daughter’s choice of husband. However, there are instances where the person walking the bride down the aisle is the mother and not the father. At other weddings, both parents do it. Indeed, the choice is yours to make. This move away from traditional roles seems to be fueled by the need to have personalized and tailored wedding ceremonies. Whatever makes you and your parents happy on the special day is the way to go.

Adopt wedding rituals from both of the couples’ parents

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This can be memorable and beautiful if well planned. Incorporating both families’ (bride and groom’s parents) rituals into the wedding program can be thoughtful. For example, different families believe in jumping over the broom. Others subscribe more to the sand or candle rituals. The sand ritual involves pouring sand into a portable glass container as a symbol of unity. A lit candle symbolizes the light wished on the union. To avoid sidelining one family, the couple may adopt two different wedding rituals.

Depending on the type of wedding, there are different ways to involve parents before and during the special day. When all is said and done, you will be happy to have done something memorable.


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