Fashionable NYC Wedding Venues Your Bride Will Love

by Nicole in , Comment — Updated May 17, 2024

When it comes to wedding locations, New York City takes the cake, no pun intended. There are literally hundreds of venues and spots throughout the city that would be perfect for weddings of any size. When picking a location, you have to factor in things like view, capacity, photo opportunities, style, etc. Your budget will also have a huge influence. If you still can’t find the place for you, here are some of NYC’s finest wedding venues you can choose from.

When considering luxury weddings on a budget, exploring alternative wedding venues in NYC can be a smart move. The vibrant city offers a variety of unique spaces that can elevate your wedding experience without breaking the bank. From trendy lofts to chic rooftop gardens, NYC presents endless possibilities for creating a luxurious yet affordable celebration.

The Liberty Warehouse

Fashionable NYC Wedding Venues Your Bride Will Love

Don’t let the word “warehouse” fool you, this venue is as luxurious and majestic as any 5-star venue in the city. The Liberty Warehouse venue offers stunning views and is located at Pier 41 in Brooklyn. All the event rooms are west facing, which makes for breath-taking sunset views. This is also one of the only venues in the city that offers such pristine views of the Statue of Liberty. This is a perfect venue for large weddings as well. It can accommodate up to 450 seating guests and over 1,000 standing ones.

The New York City Library

Fashionable NYC Wedding Venues Your Bride Will Love

You can’t get more classic than the New York City Library. The space can be easily transformed for any kind of wedding, with its majestic marble columns, sky-high ceiling, and welcoming staircases. The library can accommodate up to 250 seating guests and has tons of different spaces that you can customize. You could have a room that is more laid back, and one with a full-on dance party if you want. It’s a very versatile space in a great location.

The Weylin

Fashionable NYC Wedding Venues Your Bride Will Love
Weylin B. Seymour’s | Abigail Kirsch

The Weylin was built and designed in 1875 by renowned designer Peter B. Wright and architect George B Post. The was originally the site of the Williamsburg Savings Bank and was restored into one of the city’s most spectacular venues with its intricate mosaics, frescoed dome, and wooden carvings. The venue can accommodate up to 350 guests in total and is perfect if you’re looking for something more intimate.

The Carlyle Hotel

Fashionable NYC Wedding Venues Your Bride Will Love 3
By Błażej Sendzielski

The Carlyle Hotel is another very popular venue in the city. The hotel has an old town New York feel to it and is perfect for people looking for a classic venue. The Carlyle is the hotel of choice of many world leaders, royals, and celebrities, and it’s easy to see why. The Art Deco styling, beautiful foyer, and Versailles suites are fit for a king or queen and make the perfect backdrop for any ceremony. However, this is not the best location if you intend to have a massive wedding, as it can only accommodate up to 250 people.

The Foundry

Fashionable NYC Wedding Venues Your Bride Will Love
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The historical building was built back in the 19th century and located in Long Island. It’s only a few steps away from the East River and was originally the site of a factory manufacturing fine varnishes. Now, it is considered one of the best venues for events and weddings. This is also the only foundry still standing in the area.

What sets this location apart is its beautiful ivy-covered terraces and its raw appeal. This place also has a clear European influence and offers great views of industrial New York. The location is on the smaller side too, so it can be a great location for an intimate dinner and ceremony. The venue can accommodate up to 200 standing guests and can seat 165.

All of these venues have their own charm and could make for a perfect location depending on what you were looking for. Make sure that you give them a closer look, and make sure to choose the one that will accommodate you and your guests the best.



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