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Sammy Davis is a passionate thrifter with 10+ years experience buying 85% of her wardrobe secondhand.

She founded Sammy Davis Vintage in 2009 to share the soul-inspiring benefits of wearing secondhand and vintage styles from the past. She works as a consultant for eBay and coaches vintage sellers on how to market their finds to a digital audience.

This thrift evangelist loves anything with sequins or from the 1960s. Her mission is to help women feel their very best in all matters of living, both external and internal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is this website all about?
This is where you’ll learn how to style, find and sell vintage and get some history behind great clothing that inspires the trends of today. You can also discover the basics of vintage style and thrifting on my FAQ pages.

Learn how I style fashion on the style page. I love this photo gallery!

How can I learn more about the vintage fashion industry?

I’m currently taking calls with Clarity. Check out my profile here and if interested in asking me specific questions (working in the vintage industry, dating vintage clothing, where to sell your vintage clothing), feel free to request a call. I look forward to speaking with you!

Is Sammy Davis your real name?
My full name is Samantha Davis but the nickname “Sammy” stuck from childhood. It also doesn’t hurt that my name’s so similar to that other vintage icon … except he’s better known for music and dancing, not fashion!

How did you first get into vintage fashion?
My first experience with vintage was during my sophomore year in high school. I wanted to wear something different to prom because I had a unique personal style but didn’t know where to find that special one-of-a-kind dress. Then I discovered Zap & Co., a vintage shop in my hometown. It opened up a new world. I fell in love with a great black lace dress from the early 1900s that I wore to prom, and I’ve been hooked on vintage ever since!

So do you advocate wearing only vintage?
I believe that everyone can wear vintage, but I don’t expect people to wear it 100 percent of the time. Even I don’t! You should wear whatever amount you wish. It could be adding a small touch of vintage jewelry, mixing pieces into your current wardrobe, buying a vintage dress for a special occasion or going head-to-toe vintage to the max. There’s a level of vintage style that’s comfortable for everyone — including you!

What is spreading vintage love?
Vintage love is about encouraging people to incorporate vintage into their wardrobes. But it’s not just about buying and wearing vintage, but also the discovery process of learning about the history behind the pieces and how those trends are relevant today.

I find that vintage enthusiasts are a special community of fashion lovers who wish to connect with stories about finding one-of-a-kind clothes with historical context. It’s this process of sharing I love most. As someone who believes we are all connected in this world, vintage fashion is a vehicle for bringing us together in a positive way and that’s what inspires me to spread vintage love.

Vintage Designer Fashion on Arise 360 TV

I appeared on Arise 360 TV to discuss why every woman should invest in designer vintage fashion.

I collaborated with the best digital destination for curated designer vintage – Shrimpton Couture – to showcase vintage dresses by Missoni, Bill Blass, Stephen Burrows, Betsey Johnson and Emma Domb to the 20 million homes around the world who viewed the segment.

sammy davis vintage on arise tv

Thank you to my models, interns, photographer, Cherie of Shrimpton Couture and of course, the amazing team of Arise 360 Entertainment for helping to make the vintage love magic happen!

The Models

Left from right: Luzselys, Kathy, Erica, Samantha, Sonya

The Looks

Missoni – 1970s Knit Wrap Dress

Betsey Johnson for Alley Kat – 1970s Cherry Dress

Emma Domb – 1950s Velvet Cocktail Dress with Rosettes

Stephen Burrows – 2002 Collection Coral Jersey Dress

Bill Blass – 1970s Polka Dot Dress

The Special Details

Prepping & Backstage

sammy davis vintage on arise tv

On Set

My Dress – 1960s Mr. Dino Graphic Print Shift 

sammy davis vintage on arise tv


Looks Provided by Shrimpton Couture

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Featuring hundreds of vintage designer garments from Alaia to Zandra Rhodes and every name in between, Shrimpton Couture is the best destination for shopping designer vintage fashion online.

Visit Shrimpton Couture

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Photography by SKN Photography

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Thank you to Sharon Nord of SKN Photography for capturing behind-the-scenes photos!

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