9 Smart(er) Ways Vintage Sellers Should Be Using Social Media

by Sammy in 5 Comments — Updated February 6, 2020

social media for vintage sellers

Social media. 

Two words that to many in the online vintage fashion industry, can be a buzzkill.

Why? Managing social media is overwhelming for any vintage seller who feels finding the time to shop, wash, mend, photograph, list and ship garments can feel like a 24/7 job itself!

The results of my survey, The Real Lives of Vintage Sellers, points to the fact that approximately 25% of vintage sellers feel social media management is a burden. 

But social is serious and if you aren’t making time to Facebook, Tweet, Pin and Google +, you’re losing on valuable search engine optimization and audience engagement benefits that will naturally attract a greater amount of eyeballs to your shop over time.

Still, knowing the ins and outs of navigating social media is tiresome and complicated. So to help ease the labor of pain, here’s nine ways you can optimize your social media presence for a greater return on investment that helps engage your audience and promises a better search relationship with Google, Etsy, eBay and other digital marketplaces.

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3 Social Media Tips for Stronger SEO

google +

1.) Google+, Twitter & Facebook matter most.

The king of search is Google, and at this time Google registers your vintage shop’s SEO (search engine optimization) value via Google+, Twitter and Facebook.

This means popular platforms Instagram and Vine have no SEO “worth” (sometimes called “juice” in the industry) for your brand – no matter how many followers and hearts you may have.

Google+ feels like an empty place (and in a way, it is) but according to industry experts, because Google dictates the methodology behind determining the search value for websites, it’s decided that those sites with more shares on the Google+ platform are to be preferred in search over those who don’t.

Fair? Perhaps not. True? Absolutely.

TO DO: If you aren’t a Gmail user already, sign up for an account so that you can also create a Google + personal profile and business fanpage. When a new item is in the shop, add sharing that garment via Google + to your list of social media outreach.

While you may not reap the benefits of traffic right away, over time Google will register your activity via Google + and give your shop items more prominence in Google search results.

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social media for vintage sellers

2.) Add social media sharing buttons to your site.

If you don’t already have a “share this” bar along the top or bottom of your website’s vintage listings, you’re missing out on the chance for followers to promote listings on your behalf.

Plus, the social share buttons register a number of likes, tweets, pins, etc. that shows your audience a garment’s popularity. This is the “frame” that your shop can benefit from – at least psychologically – so that you gain followers who value established, popular sellers.

TO DO: If you’re an independent vintage seller without a social media sharing bar below your garments, request that your designer add this functionality to your listings. Look for a bar which includes Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+.

social media for vintage sellers

3.) Ask for retweets and shares when you post to Twitter and Facebook. 

People need to be told what to do and as sad as I am to admit it, we’re naturally not looking out for the best interests of others. So no matter how wicked awesome that garment is, you aren’t going to get as many social media shares on it unless you directly ask your followers to “please retweet” or “share to your friends” on Facebook.

The more shares and retweets you have, the stronger your shop’s SEO value becomes because it shows search engines that people are enjoying your content and therefore it should be viewed as more valuable and likely to land on the front page of search results.

I’ve done this numerous times to much success on my fanpage. As they say, “Ask, and you shall receive.” 

TO DO: Next time you share a new garment via Facebook, add to the end of your verbiage, “Do you love this garment as much as I do? Please share if you agree!”

3 Social Media Tips for Better Engagement

social media for vintage sellers

1.) Always like or comment back to a follower who engages with you.

If someone takes the time to communicate with you – even if just to say hello – it is in your best interest to reply back.

It’s like carrying a conversation at a cocktail party. When someone compliments your outfit, you don’t want to simply look them up and down and smile. Totally rude. You may not have to be their best friend upon leaving the party, but you should be polite and carry on a casual conversation with them since they reached out to break the ice with a compliment.

TO DO: Schedule 10 to 15 minutes every night to review your social media interactions. Batch your responses so that you aren’t wasting time replying one-by-one throughout the day.

Remember that someone else’s “emergency” via social media – i.e. if they have a question or a comment that feels it “needs to be responded to now” – isn’t your emergency. I practice this behavior when I need to focus on one activity, versus toggling between my social media outlets and the work which needs my focus in the moment.

9 Smart(er) Ways Vintage Sellers Should Be Using Social Media 8

2.) Give before you receive.

A few likes on Facebook, comments on Instagram and retweets on Twitter go a long way. Many people assume they need to invest hours upon hours of time toward deeper conversation with others – but just a friendly “poke” here or there is enough to keep in people’s consciousness so that they reciprocate with the same amount of engagement with you.

Try sharing other pages’ content via Facebook, re-posting on Instagram and retweeting on Twitter to follow my “give before you receive” model. Focus on re-sharing content that’s applicable to your audience and which ultimately, you enjoyed reading or engaging with yourself.

Technical Tip: Use the app “Repost” to repost on Instagram.

TO DO: Have a friend in the industry doing something cool? Share the great news!

The photo above shows my share of an event to launch the mobile vintage shop of Brooklyn-based Etsy seller La Poubelle Vintage. My audience had great feedback and I’m thrilled to have shown her the support she deserves.

In the future, I trust my relationship with La Poubelle will grow, because by helping one another we help ourselves.

9 Smart(er) Ways Vintage Sellers Should Be Using Social Media 9

3.) Follow up with highly engaged users. 

Some of my best physical relationships have blossomed from digital ones. It’s been a blessing to meet such wonderful people on the Internet and through the fate of the universe, have the opportunity to meet and greet with them in real life.

These relationships grew from social media to social reality because somewhere in communication we exchanged emails and eventually, hopped on the phone or a Google Hangout to connect on a more personal level.

I’ve met numerous vintage sellers in person who have either reached out to me or I’ve reached out to them.

When we can see the potential to create lasting friendships in the industry which fulfill our spirits and offer mentors, soundboards and advice-givers as well, then we will never need to worry about a question going unanswered – because we’ll have created a circle of friends who can help us whom have our best business and personal interests at heart.

TO DO: Find yourself commenting and liking on a particular vintage seller or customer’s updates, and the conversation feels more like a friendship than just a digital connection?

That was the case between myself and Etsy seller Elizabeth of the Vintage Mistress. We connected via social media three years ago and ever since, have had a catch-up call twice a year and numerous emails about the industry and our personal lives.

When Elizabeth told me she would be in Philadelphia, I decided to hop a bus to visit her at a vintage wholesale warehouse for some picking and later on, a great connection chat over delicious brunch.

You never know what “friends” you may meet online. The secret is not to be afraid to connect over email, phone and later on, perhaps in person if the opportunity presents itself.

3 Social Media Tips for Time Management

connect facebook to twitter

1.) Connect Facebook to Twitter.

Connecting Facebook to Twitter not only guarantees you can accomplish two social media updates with one, but that you can promote to your Twitter audience that you have a Facebook page.

I advocate connecting Facebook to Twitter and not vice versa because oftentimes, a Twitter update is without context and multiple updates via Twitter to your fanpage is distracting. The same can be said for Pinterest – connecting Pinterest to Facebook or Twitter just creates a clogged, obnoxiously loud feed.

TO DO: You can connect Facebook to Twitter by logging into your personal account and visiting this page. 

how to connect instagram to your facebook page

2.) Connect Instagram to Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

When you post a photo on Instagram, you can connect your profile so that the option to post to Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr exists.

TO DO: When in your Instagram profile, the upper right hand corner next to your name is a scalloped wheel. Click that wheel. There you see “preferences” and “share settings.”

Click share settings. Then you see Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, email, etc. Click the appropriate social media platform to plug-in your log-in details to connect.

Via Facebook, you should either be able to connect Instagram to your personal or to your business fanpage. Once you connect and facebook calibrates your pages, click the page you want to automatically share to.

When you post a photo next, when you check “Facebook” (highlight it) it should share that photo to your Facebook fanpage automatically. Keep in mind everything you write in the Instagram field (including hash tags) will show up on the Facebook fanpage.

9 Smart(er) Ways Vintage Sellers Should Be Using Social Media 10

3.) Schedule your Tweets using Hootsuite and schedule your Facebook posts using Facebook. 

Scheduling your Facebook and Twitter tweets in advance means that you need not worry about finding time throughout the day to begrudgingly update your social media. Unfortunately, Instagram and Google+ don’t allow for scheduled tweets at this time.

Deciding what to post is the key. Here are a few simple ideas that when you’re left scratching your head on “what to say,” you can refer to for inspiration so that planning social media posts in advance becomes more second nature and not an overwhelming chore.

TO DO: Download Hootsuite (a desktop application) to manage your various social media channels and schedule updates in advance.

If you’re having a busy day, take half an hour in the morning to schedule your Twitter, Facebook and Google+ updates via Hootsuite.

That way, you don’t need to think to yourself, “It’s 1PM and I haven’t posted since 9AM – time to think of something good to say!” which depletes energy and focus from the task at the moment.

Tips for Twitter Posts

social media for vintage sellers

Not sure what to say on Twitter beyond “New in the shop! {insert link here}”?

Read on for some Twitter “go-tos” I consistently use to keep my voice fresh and relevant to my audience so that when I use Twitter to market my services, they aren’t already inundated with a history of spammy links.

>>Inspirational quotes via prominent figures, celebrities, inspirational individuals and likewise.

>> Retweets of insightful articles – whether related to the vintage industry, fashion news or mainstream media.

>> Personal, witty updates which connect your followers to you as a human being – and not just a seller.

>> Shop updates concerning commentary over specific items and a link. Don’t just tweet the garment name – communicate about it!

>> Your plans for the day. It sounds silly, but sometimes saying “I’ll be headed to an estate sale today – wish me luck!” is enough to get your audience interested in you as both a person and a seller.

Tips for Facebook Posts 

outfit of the day on facebook

Not sure what to say on Facebook? One Facebook update a day is enough – especially when made between 9AM and 11AM and again from 7PM to 9PM. These are optimal times for social media engagement, but depending on the virality of your content, a good post can attract eyeballs at anytime.

Here are some “go-to” ideas I turn to when I’m feeling lifeless on Facebook and want to create content that’s relevant, inspiring and of service to my audience.

>> Outfits of the day. Everyone loves to see what you’re wearing!

>> Garment of the day. Much like sharing a garment link on Twitter, share something in the shop with a photo and descriptive text which may entertain or enlighten the reader. Create engagement by sharing a summer dress for a hot summer’s day, or a “just in” pair of ’60s cat eyes that you found in the attic of your elderly neighbor. If there’s a story behind the style, share it!

>> Ask questions. Facebook is where conversations blossom fastest, thanks to how Facebook has structured the commenting system with “replies” and posts that can live in people’s popular newsfeeds for days. Ask questions which spur conversation – even if unrelated to vintage. Getting personal can connect you to a following who grow more loyal the more they get to know you.

>> Share other sellers status updates, garments, news and views. Sharing is caring. When you engage with other sellers, it creates a collaborative bond and good energy in your social media sphere. Don’t be afraid to drive traffic from your fanpage to another seller’s shop. You never know how they may pay-it-forward for you in the future.

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