How to Furnish a Brooklyn Bedroom Part II: Painting, Finishing & Organizing

July 27th, 2011

thrifted salvation army dresser

HELLO and happy Wednesday, vintage lovers!!!

Some of you may remember last week’s post where I shared the experience of thrift shopping for my good friend & first Sammy Davis Vintage personal shopping client Sabrina Newman.

Sabrina is a friend of 5 years + who I first met interning in the magazine industry way back in the summer of ’06. After living in Manhattan for nearly 3 years, she recently made the jump and crossed the East River to live in the Williamsburg, Brooklyn neighborhood known as Greenpoint.

She recruited me to help her find the remaining pieces she needed for her new bedroom, and to help her cleanse & organize her room for a balanced, beautiful space!

We thrifted a beautiful oak dresser from the Hell’s Kitchen Salvation Army, and this past weekend was spent visiting Home Depot, finishing & painting the dresser and beginning to shape order in Sabrina’s stylish Brooklyn abode.

Keep reading after the jump to see what we bought at Home Depot for this bedroom DIY project, how I painted the “mirror” of the dresser using gold & silver paint and some easy DIY organization tips to add the “Sammy Davis Vintage” touch to your own living quarters!

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My Favorite Summer Vintage Sales!

July 25th, 2011

Hey vintage lovers! Happy MONDAY! Saturday night I fell into a rabbit hole of vintage online shopping. You vintage lovers probably know what I mean when I say “rabbit hole.” You type a few search keywords into Etsy, Ebay or Market Publique and before you know it you’ve got pages upon pages of results, a […]

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Sammy Davis Vintage on My Fox 5 NYC TV!

July 23rd, 2011

Street Talk, July 23, 2011: Hello and happy SATURDAY, vintage lovers! I know … it’s Saturday?! I don’t ever post on Saturday! Well, today is an exception because earlier this week I was lucky enough to appear on set at the My Fox 5 “Street Talk.” According to the site Earth Easy, approximately 12 […]

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Gratefulness Friday Giveaway: Win This Massive Vintage Prize Pack!

July 22nd, 2011

**THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR ENTERING! THIS GIVEAWAY HAS CLOSED!** Hello and happy GRATEFULNESS FRIDAY EVERYONE!!! It’s a hot one in NYC today — a high of 100 degrees!! — so I have to jumpstart this post with a bit of gratefulness for air conditioning today! If you’re experiencing a similar heat wave in your part […]

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Styling Vintage with Modern at Mafalda Vintage

July 21st, 2011

I styled 3 looks at Mafalda Vintage in Brooklyn, New York using one tuxedo jacket by Theory. Watch the video to see how I shopped some amazing designer vintage pieces, and keep reading after the jump to see the final looks and to vote for your favorite!

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Thrift Shopping Salvation Army for a Brooklyn Bedroom

July 20th, 2011

Hello and happy Wednesday, vintage lovers!!! A few days ago I queued you into the fact that I had officially taken on my FIRST Sammy Davis Vintage “shopping” client, my extremely talented friend Sabrina Newman behind the web site A New Mode. Not only is Sabrina extremely talented, but all that talent has made her […]

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Thrifted Vintage Photos from JUNK

July 17th, 2011

Hello and happy NEW WEEK, vintage lovers! I had the BEST weekend for so many reasons … and I hope you did too! Because I know so many of you personally [at least digitally speaking, anyway!] thanks to the Facebook fanpage, I’ve not a notion you DID have a great weekend, especially because ’tis the […]

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STYLING WARS: Sammy Davis Vintage vs. African Export (Banana Republic)

July 14th, 2011

Introducing STYLING WARS!!! The debut episode of Styling Wars has Sammy Davis Vintage (me!) & African Export competing to style a Banana Republic top best. Keep reading after the jump to watch us reveal our final outfits styled with the same Banana Republic halter top. Then VOTE to determine this fashion battle’s WINNER!

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