Gratefulness Friday: Enter to Win this Vintage Prize Pack!

August 5th, 2011
vintage fashion giveaway

new old fashion vintage giveaway



I want to start this post with a serious THANKS to every single one of the Gratefulness Friday Giveaway sponsors. These vintage lovers/sellers/passionate people generously donate pieces from their own collections and pay to have the prize packs shipped to each giveaway’s winner.

They do this because they support the mission of Sammy Davis Vintage, and they support vintage lovers like YOU! So to everyone who has participated in the past 11 Gratefulness Friday Giveaways, thank you for your donations and for doing what you do!

In addition to the excitement of today’s awesome prep-inspired vintage prize pack giveaway [that’s perfect for back to school!] thanks to New Old Fashion Vintage, I want to hint at some “future” excitement regarding Sammy Davis Vintage.

First, I’m happy to announce that one week from today I will begin working weekends at a Lower East Side boutique … so NYC vintage lovers can visit me and be personally styled in VINTAGE!

Not only am I soon working at a vintage boutique, but in a few weeks I am launching New York City vintage store tours! You’ll be able to visit the best vintage stores for your style taste with me as your guide and vintage-fashion-resource. If you’re interested in taking a tour, definitely shoot me an email so I can offer you an introductory rate first ;-)

And last but definitely not least, I will be speaking at two panel events during New York City Fashion Week. Official announcements coming next week, so stay tuned!

OK. Enough about me! Before jumping into today’s giveaway, I want to say a few things about today’s sponsor.

I first met Amelia of NOFV because I featured one of her pieces in my Shop Finds page. We started chatting on Etsy and soon learned that she was currently living in my HOMETOWN!

Soon after chatting Amelia up on the web, I paid a visit to my family and with Amelia as my thrift shopping buddy, my hometown Salvation Army! We had a ton of fun sharing deets on all things vintage fashion and pursuing our passions as 20-something women as we connected between the aisles of thrift fashion glory.

I’m so happy that I have the chance to share Amelia’s amazing New Old Fashion Vintage Etsy shop with all of you — and to announce that she is offering 20% off to all of you using the discount code “SAMMYD” in checkout!

OK vintage lovers, NOW it’s time to jump right into today’s giveaway … and the gratefulness Friday story that inspired it all. ┬áKeep reading after the jump to learn how to enter to WIN!

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independent fashion bloggers photoshoot

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vintage jewelry

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