My First Weekend Selling Vintage at A Little Wicked Boutique!

August 15th, 2011
a little wicked vintage fashion boutique

a little wicked vintage fashion boutique

Hello and happy Monday vintage lovers!!

WHEW, what a weekend of fun and craziness I had!!! In my newsletter a few weeks ago I alluded to a few “big announcements” I was antsy to make.

The first bit of big news was announced last week about the Sammy Davis Vintage Shopping Experience. Beginning this week [gasp! so soon!] I’ll be offering vintage lovers exclusive tours to the best vintage stores in NYC. I’m offering introductory rates for the first few tours, and then launching full scale after Fashion Week in September with weekend tours. I can’t wait!

The SECOND big announcement is being announced … RIGHT NOW! This weekend marked my first time officially back working in the aspect of the vintage industry I love best: styling women in vintage fashion that suits their personal tastes best.

I was hired as a sales associate and magical social media maven at A Little Wicked boutique located in the Lower East Side neighborhood of NYC at 279 East Houston Street. I’ll be styling, steaming and smiling all over this beautiful space every weekend (Friday – Sunday) until after Fashion Week in September, when I’ll begin working Tuesday – Thursday.

Vintage lovers, when I left my completely secure, however completely corporate job almost 2 years ago to pursue Sammy Davis Vintage full time I had no idea where the future would take me and who I’d meet along the way. But it wasn’t KNOWING where I was going that was important — it was TRUSTING where I would inevitably go that was most crucial.

I’m so grateful for my trust, and that it has brought me to this opportunity of working for A Little Wicked!

Many of you who read this blog have never met me in person, and may assume that I know “everything” there is to know about vintage. While I know more than the average 25-year-old girl, I definitely have a life of learning ahead. And arguably, so do some of the most seasoned sellers! Because vintage is NOW — everything we are wearing from contemporary stores will someday be vintage. So like life itself, learning is constant, and cannot be consumed “en mass” at one moment.

Which is why I am so excited to be not only managing this site and my web series, but now back in action selling vintage fashion to the wonderful women of NYC to help me grow as a vintage expert and pass along my insight and enthusiasm to you!

Keep reading after the jump to learn more about visiting me for your own vintage styling session at A Little Wicked boutique, see pics of the store and most exciting: pictures of what fab vintage sold and a few pieces I personally love that remain up for grabs!

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shopping thrift stores

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