How I Wore Vintage to a Surprise Birthday Pool Party

August 2nd, 2011

Hello and happy TUESDAY, vintage lovers!!!

I meant to share this post with you yesterday — but admittedly, the day got the best of me because all I did this past weekend was relax & unwind with absolutely NO work accomplished!

So while yesterday was major catch-up day [I’m sure many of you can relate to those Monday blues!] today is major summer weekend fun reflection day thanks to my experiencing wearing vintage to my roommate/best friend’s surprise birthday pool party!

I LOVE planning & attending surprise birthday parties — if I had my choice, they’d all be surprise “WOW!” moments for everyone to take part in. I just think that there’s something more magical and meaningful behind the spontaneity of a surprise. I would love to research the history of surprise birthday parties — my guess is that they became popular in the ’50s, when there was more disposable income and the organized family unite of the ‘burbs reigned surpreme.

While I can’t take credit for spearheading this particular surprise, I can take credit for wearing some pretty awesome vintage pieces to celebrate Jesse’s [my roommate] quarter-life-birthday in vintage style!

Keep reading after the jump for a glimpse of the vintage pieces I wore, and how we orchestrated this sensational summer shin dig!

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I Modeled Vintage for the Independent Fashion Bloggers!

July 29th, 2011

Hello and Happy FRIDAY vintage lovers!! Yesterday was an exciting day for me because for the first time EVER, I was invited to model vintage fashion for a professional photoshoot! Some of you may already belong to the Independent Fashion Bloggers [IFB], the go-to online community for fashion & style bloggers to share & learn […]

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How to Furnish a Brooklyn Bedroom Part II: Painting, Finishing & Organizing

July 27th, 2011

HELLO and happy Wednesday, vintage lovers!!! Some of you may remember last week’s post where I shared the experience of thrift shopping for my good friend & first Sammy Davis Vintage personal shopping client Sabrina Newman. Sabrina is a friend of 5 years + who I first met interning in the magazine industry way back […]

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My Favorite Summer Vintage Sales!

July 25th, 2011

Hey vintage lovers! Happy MONDAY! Saturday night I fell into a rabbit hole of vintage online shopping. You vintage lovers probably know what I mean when I say “rabbit hole.” You type a few search keywords into Etsy, Ebay or Market Publique and before you know it you’ve got pages upon pages of results, a […]

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Sammy Davis Vintage on My Fox 5 NYC TV!

July 23rd, 2011

Street Talk, July 23, 2011: Hello and happy SATURDAY, vintage lovers! I know … it’s Saturday?! I don’t ever post on Saturday! Well, today is an exception because earlier this week I was lucky enough to appear on set at the My Fox 5 “Street Talk.” According to the site Earth Easy, approximately 12 […]

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Gratefulness Friday Giveaway: Win This Massive Vintage Prize Pack!

July 22nd, 2011

**THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR ENTERING! THIS GIVEAWAY HAS CLOSED!** Hello and happy GRATEFULNESS FRIDAY EVERYONE!!! It’s a hot one in NYC today — a high of 100 degrees!! — so I have to jumpstart this post with a bit of gratefulness for air conditioning today! If you’re experiencing a similar heat wave in your part […]

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Styling Vintage with Modern at Mafalda Vintage

July 21st, 2011

I styled 3 looks at Mafalda Vintage in Brooklyn, New York using one tuxedo jacket by Theory. Watch the video to see how I shopped some amazing designer vintage pieces, and keep reading after the jump to see the final looks and to vote for your favorite!

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Thrift Shopping Salvation Army for a Brooklyn Bedroom

July 20th, 2011

Hello and happy Wednesday, vintage lovers!!! A few days ago I queued you into the fact that I had officially taken on my FIRST Sammy Davis Vintage “shopping” client, my extremely talented friend Sabrina Newman behind the web site A New Mode. Not only is Sabrina extremely talented, but all that talent has made her […]

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