How Gaming is Impacting The Fashion Industry

by Nicole in Comment — Updated July 30, 2023

The gaming industry is one of the biggest and most popular industries in the world. According to an Accenture representative, this industry is also larger than the music and film industry combined.How Gaming is Impacting The Fashion Industry

One report estimates that there are approximately 3.09 billion active video gamers in the world. This figure excludes players who prefer other types of games such as mobile games or casino games.

The total number of gamers, all types of gaming included, is much bigger and very difficult to estimate. How Gaming Has Impacted the Fashion Worldun

These numbers reveal the considerable influence and power of games. Games reach a very large audience usually made up of young players.

Because of its success and popularity, the gaming world has attracted other industries. Many of them are using games to promote their own products and bring attention to their sector.

One of these industries is the fashion industry, which has been deeply impacted by the gaming world in a variety of ways.How Gaming is Impacting The Fashion Industry

This article will begin by introducing some of the different sectors in the gaming industry before highlighting the impact that it has had on the fashion industry.

The different sectors in the gaming industry

Of course, like all industries, the gaming world is divided into different sectors. The most common and famous types of gaming include:

  • playing video games on a console
  • playing video games on a pc…
  • playing video games on a mobile device (also known as mobile gaming)

These are just a few examples as there are other sectors and types of gaming within the industry.

According to a professional report and study, mobile games revenues were responsible for 50% of the global gaming market in 2022. They are the most popular form of gaming due to their accessibility and efficiency.

Mobile games are very convenient to play. Gamers can start a quick game at any time of the day and from any location without hassle.How Gaming is Impacting The Fashion Industry

PCs and consoles are usually necessary for games with incredible graphics and sophisticated gaming requirements. For example, some video games are only available on PlayStation, on Xbox, on a PC…

Some of the most famous video games that you can enjoy on a console or a PC for an incredible gaming experience include

Other games are available on both PC and some mobile devices. The most famous ones include Fortnite, Minecraft and Roblox.

For those who enjoy games, they will be happy to learn that casinos are creating their own apps to give their clients a great mobile gaming experience. Some even have games available on PC, mobile device and, sometimes, on a console.

For example, if you would like to try a new and very exciting game called slingo, you can now do so on your laptop and on your mobile. Slingo games are a combination of slots and bingo and can be played at some online casinos including at Rainbow Riches Casino.

But how exactly has the gaming industry impacted the fashion industry?

The ways in which the gaming industry has changed the fashion industry

The power and the influence of the gaming industry on the fashion industry is undeniable. Here are some of the ways in which it has shaped and transformed this artistic sector.

A new marketing strategy

One of the most obvious ways is the marketing strategy of the fashion industry. Games are a great way for fashion brands to promote their latest and most famous products.

Whether it is placing an ad on a mobile game or dressing the characters of a game with noticeable fashion brands, this industry has found innovative ways to market their collections.

Billboards and more traditional marketing are now being slowly replaced by more subtle marketing, integrated within the game and the storyline itself.How Gaming is Impacting The Fashion Industry

For example, EA Sports and Adidas partnered up to offer FIFA 22 gamers an advantageous discount on certain Adidas products. Both industries are making profit out of such deals and agreements.

Balenciaga collaborated with Fortnite to dress characters in the brand’s iconic clothes. Some brands are even designing exclusive and unique items only for those games.

In other words, some fashion brands are partnering up with game developers and profiting from the growth of the gaming industry.

A tangible impact on the sales and trends in the fashion industry

The gaming industry has a real impact on the fashion industry and its sales. Trendy clothes are now very much linked to games.How Gaming is Impacting The Fashion Industry

For example, a recent CNN article highlighted the link between the Sims and the rise of luxury fashion. Like other games, the Sims partnered up with famous fashion brands throughout the years.

Their more recent collaborations led to a rise in luxury fashion sales, proving that the gaming industry has a real impact on fashion trends and sales.

Products now derived from games

Some fashion brands have even taken this trend a step further by making products based on or inspired by popular games. For example, fans of Fortnite will find a series of clothes and products inspired by the game.

These products are not reserved to high-end fashion brands and shops. Some Fortnite branded clothes were available for purchase in fast-fashion shops such as Primark and via famous e-commerce platforms like Amazon.

The gaming industry is truly impacting the fashion industry in a series of ways. It is changing the sector’s marketing strategy and has a considerable influence on sales and fashion trends.How Gaming is Impacting The Fashion Industry

The gaming industry will most likely continue to do so as it continues to grow and expand to new markets.



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