4 Spring Accessory Essentials Men Need to Boost Their Style 

by Nicole in Comment — Updated November 14, 2023

4 Spring Accessory Essentials Men Need to Boost Their Style 

Spring has officially sprung, and with it comes the promise of newness. We tidy up our gardens, deep clean and declutter our homes and bring a feeling of renewal and refreshment that comes upon all of us as we exit dreary winter and head into hopeful spring. For many people, that also includes upgrading their wardrobe and boosting their style. While there are certain pieces every man should have in his wardrobe, the accessories he owns are the proverbial cherry on top of his outfits. They are the signature pieces that can make or break the entire look. Accessories are also a simple way to make a massive impact on expressing who you are. Whether you’re a guy reading this and want to boost your aesthetic or a woman shopping for the perfect present for a man in your life, keep reading to learn the spring accessory essentials all men need to upgrade their look this season. 


While historically, men have kept their jewelry collections minimal, times are changing, and today, men are embracing jewelry with the same fervor women have since its creation. Whether you opt for a curb chain necklace, a custom link bracelet, or a signet pinky ring, including jewelry into your everyday style is a game-changer. Spring is the perfect time to show off your jewelry because you’re not covered in layers necessary for fall and winter weather. You may opt for a pair of diamond studs or a single gold huggie hoop – look at current jewelry trends for men, find some that speak to you, and start investing in your collection; you’ll never look back. 4 Spring Accessory Essentials Men Need to Boost Their Style 


Synonymous with spring is spending more time outdoors. You’ll start receiving event invites again, from garden parties and horse races to more lowkey events like backyard barbecues. No matter how elevated or minor the occasion, showing up with a necktie shows you put effort into your appearance; even if you have to Google “how to choose the best necktie,” it’s worth finding out and buying several. You can wear a skinny or traditional tie in neutral or fun prints and colors; bowties will always stay in style. Sure, neckties look great with a three-piece suit, but they also look incredible with a casual short sleeve button-down and chinos. Neckties aren’t reserved for fancy events, so start expressing yourself with the men’s version of a silk neck scarf for women. 4 Spring Accessory Essentials Men Need to Boost Their Style 

Leather Belts 

In the last year, we’ve seen a resurgence in the fashion industry in appreciating the craftsmanship and high-quality appeal of true, genuine leather pieces, from bags to shoes and leather jackets and belts. It doesn’t matter if you have a six-pack or a dad bod; you should always tuck your shirt in; even tees look better tucked in – at least if you’re looking to boost your style. Investing in a quality genuine leather belt is an investment that can last you a lifetime – even if your weight fluctuates, as belts have many holes. Adding a belt to your outfit may seem like a simple fix, but it’s an accessory many men overlook. If you’re only purchasing one, a rich brown color is your best bet, but consider buying several – one black with a silver or gold buckle, one brown, and possibly another with braided leather to add more texture to your outfit. The devil is in the details; even something as small as braiding on your belt will be noticed and enhance your look. 4 Spring Accessory Essentials Men Need to Boost Their Style 


Scarves are meant to help protect your neck to keep you warm; they’re also an easy style statement. Spring is known for its transitory weather, so if your morning starts chilly, stay chic by throwing a scarf on. Avoid chunky knits that scream winter, but opt for a luxurious cashmere in a neutral like oatmeal or navy; the colors pair perfectly with even your most colorful spring looks and keep you warm in the morning and again in the evening as the weather starts to cool. 4 Spring Accessory Essentials Men Need to Boost Their Style 

Other accessories worth noting are a pair of designer shades that fit your face shape and cufflinks if you are required to dress professionally for your job or have a lot of events coming up that would require them. Even your wallet says a lot about you. Consider adding pocket squares for more flair. But the above four essentials are a must for every man, regardless of age, personal style, or lifestyle – add them to your repertoire today to put some spring into your step!

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