Areas of Your Home That Are Worth Modernizing

by Nicole in , Comment — Updated August 28, 2023

Areas of Your Home That Are Worth Modernizing 3

Sure, vintage is best in countless areas of home design. There’s nothing quite like a stunning chaise longue for the lounge, a traditional pasta making tool for the kitchen or a chandelier above the dining table. But there are some elements of your home that you might want to consider modernising for the sheer sake of functionality and practicality. As time has passed, so has technology, and many household items have been advanced and improved to make your day to day life a lot faster and easier. At the end of the day, you don’t see many people using a dolly to wash their clothes for the sake of aesthetics – a washing machine just makes the job a lot easier and faster! The good news is that you don’t always have to compromise on aesthetics in these areas. Thanks to increased demand for vintage style products and appliances, there are countless options emerging on the market that have modern day functionality paired with vintage aesthetics and design. Here are some options to consider.

Areas of Your Home That Are Worth Modernising

Air Purification

Air quality in your home is important. The World Health Organization notes that the vast majority of people are consistently breathing air that isn’t up to their standards. Sure, you can’t control the air quality outside of your home, but you can control air quality in your home. Consider air purification systems from Hunter Pure Air that will leave you breathing easy. They’re simple to implement and will make all the difference. You can also consider scattering a few houseplants around too, for a more natural method and approach. Houseplants naturally filter air through their photosynthesising process.

Temperature Control

Older buildings tend to have poorer insulation options. While you can invest in better insulation and replace single pane glass with double glazed glass, you may also want to consider implementing some temperature control solutions. There are now a host of vintage style radiators that heat your home effectively while also offering a unique aesthetic that harks back to earlier years.

Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances today are simply better quality and more functional than kitchen appliances of days gone by. Refrigerators and freezers moderate temperature more effectively, keeping your food safe and cool or frozen. Blenders turn faster. Coffee makers make better cups of coffee. So why compromise your quality of food with older, vintage appliances? There are so many vintage style appliances available nowadays that look the deal but also provide the functionality you need. Popular brands include Smeg, Swan and brands offering traditional Arga ovens.

Areas of Your Home That Are Worth ModernisingAreas of Your Home That Are Worth Modernising

As you can see, there really are a number of areas you should look into modernizing in your home. This doesn’t always means sacrificing your vintage aesthetic. Instead, you can maintain your home’s style and simply benefit from modern day advancements in lifestyle and technology. Each of the options outlined above can really help with this venture and make all the difference to your day to day life in your vintage style living space, so, give them a try!


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