Vintage-Inspired Jewelry: A Guide For Modern Brides

by Nicole in , Comment — Updated November 14, 2023

A vintage look can lend an elegant and timeless touch to any wedding. But if you’re hoping to reflect a modern vibe on your special day, you can still be the modern bride you wish to be without sacrificing your classic taste. The solution to this is wearing vintage-inspired jewelry. (1)

Vintage doesn’t always mean old-fashioned or old, to say the least. With the right styling and a few good choices, you can end up donning a refined look without losing some air of modernity and vogue. The key is to be extra careful when choosing your bridal jewelry and other accessories to accentuate your look. (1)

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Starting with the key pieces

Before you go ahead and start purchasing every vintage-inspired jewelry you first find in stores, you might want to make a list of the key pieces you want to include in your overall bridal look. Perhaps a good starting point is your wedding ring. (2)

Couples often take the most time thinking about their rings and deciding what style to go for. If you wish to give your wedding a classic feel, how about considering a vintage design for your wedding bands? You can start by checking out different wedding rings for women that feature classic cuts, intricate designs, vintage gemstones, and any other elements characteristic of the vintage era. You can get inspiration from these designs and ask your jeweler to customize your rings according to your vintage taste. (3)

If you have the budget, you can also match the rest of your jewelry pieces with your wedding rings’ style. It’s one subtle way of achieving elegance while still allowing your modern taste to shine through on your most memorable day. (3)

Focusing on the cut, gem, and setting

When you think about vintage jewelry, you perhaps imagine the romantic Victorian era or something inspired by Art Deco architecture, which usually includes lavish designs. No matter what comes to mind, you’ll most likely end up drawing inspiration from the olden times. And you can bring such artistry to life on your special occasion by choosing vintage-inspired jewelry pieces. (1)

All you need to do is to focus on the cut, gem, and setting. Engagement rings for women can be crafted depending on your preference. So if you’ll be mindful about what gem to incorporate, what metal to choose for the band, and the gem’s cut and setting, you can achieve a timeless look for your bridal accents. The same goes for your earrings, necklace, and bracelet if you plan to wear any of these items. (4)

Diamonds are highly popular when it comes to bridal jewelry. It’s only fitting given the impeccable radiance, demure beauty, and meaningful representation this rare gem has to offer. To make the design nostalgic, go for antique or ideal diamond cuts and muted colors that would match any makeup look, dress style, and wedding theme. Pay attention to the intricacy of the design so you can guarantee that the vintage feel will always be there. (3) (4)

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Thinking beyond jewelry centerpieces

A modern bride won’t only think about typical jewelry centerpieces to complement their vintage-inspired look. You should think beyond rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. There’s more to bridal accessories if you’re creative and stylish enough. A bejeweled comb, for instance, can be another way to add vintage inspiration to your updo. Look for one that complements your dainty dress. Better yet, ask your family members if they have anything to contribute to your “something old or borrowed.” (1)

Another point to consider is ensuring your jewelry won’t clash with your makeup, hairstyle, or dress color and design. For example, if you’ve decided to wear oversized earrings with precious rubies in deep crimson color, you’ll look more radiant and modern wearing burgundy lipstick. If you’re going for an ivory-colored or champagne-colored gown, gold or rose gold accessories may be the safest and most attractive option. With this look, you can expect a warm and tasteful style for all the guests to admire. (2) (5)

A vintage look for a modern bride

A vintage-inspired bridal look almost never fails. It’s no wonder many brides want their special day to have some age-old feel, at least when it comes to their jewelry and other accessories. For a modern bride like you, it’s possible to achieve the classic allure of vintage romance by wearing statement pieces that would make you look more radiant, stunning, and breathtaking as you walk down the aisle toward your happily ever after.


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